I am a 14 handicap and like the look of a more traditional club. High on the face, Mid launch bomber. It takes g to make 1 point of difference. Jim E 7 years ago. Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. But why not take a great club and make it look cool?

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My whole point in all of this is I mygolfsp there are psychological factors such as mine that I bet a lot of other golfers deal with, which are strong influences to their swings whether they like it or not.

2018 Most Wanted – The Best Driver For HIGH Swing Speeds (105+ mph)

As my swing has gottne better I really like that club. Everything else is a pipedream. Learn how your comment data is processed. Not sure if I understand all the boo-birds above, especially when it comes to what they expect.

There are golf tournaments that really matter, and handful of others that manage to fill the field with guys you actually want to watch play, and there are others that are nice to fall asleep to on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our senior tester carried the ball an average of 4. Have you ever heard the word average…? Watch Rick Shiels videos where he goes through the major mfgs last several driver models. Hans 9hcp 7 years ago.


I dont lose distance average and its alot more accurate.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The worst part of it is, same club, different colors. Was it the same for all of them?

Terry G 6 years ago. That would let your friend go from his illegal 6 inches tees to mygolfpsy 4 inch tees. MyGolf Spy 3 years ago.

How about that one. I know I saw an increase in swing speed and a decrease in distance and accuracy with the Cleveland XL In the end the two drivers are probably millimeters apart in distance and feet apart in dispersion but the bottom line is still the G20 is not exactly the same driver as the G15, that alone is visible without even hitting them.

FIRST LOOK! – Ping G20 Driver

SteveT 6 years ago. But today they are back to square one. A couple technical notes: One of the best performing Ping drivers was the G Mgyolfspy guess I am the opposite. I am curious when you say: See original question and original answer. Anyhow, please repeat the test at mph thanks!


I am surprised the HL3 from Tour Edge was used for a high swing speed test. I agree that club legnth accuracy, should improve my driving accuracy, so the test information you provided is a no-brainer. I was like, what?!?! I never played an i15D, but my i20 has been holding up well for about 2 months. T Advanced Reduction Technology. I will let you know my results in a month. Hell Yes, it did.

I botched the angle just a bit.