And, like the R11, the Burner is white for easier ball alignment. Seem to have great prices on Ping irons, good feedback. According to Entrepreneur, the Hot rankings are compiled with the help of Corporate Research Board, a research organization. Helpline Not 1 club-length, 1 CLUB. Been away from golf for 7yrs just got the bug back and this driver makes it so easy to see why I love to play. It is possible that they could be a counterfeit product.

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Small metal burrs etc, no OEM sends clubs out of their factories like that. You are not a good enough golfer to know the difference but if you were to replace your fake clubs with the real fakw, you would knock a few strokes or more off your handicap and no longer be handicapped by crap clubs made by people who burnrr undermining everyones economy. The other thing is I have sold clubs that I reshafted myself since club building is a hobby for me so the ferrule may not have been an oem replacement and or may have had small layer of epoxy even after I cleaned it.

Two quick ways to tell if taylormadde seller is legit, Right hand clubs only and same price for Steel or Graphite shafts. I ordered these from test.

I immediately sent a strongly worded email to the contact who had confirmed my order, and then phoned my bank to ask for their advice.


Discover the magic of the Internet. These golf companies could easily greatly reduce though admittedly, not eliminate the losses attributable to counterfeiting by producing their products in the United States. Just seems to good to be true. I recently bought the x24s for The price is much cheaper than other golf stores!

Or go to WalMart. bburner

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

With single clubs driver, fairways, hybrids, etc. Go to a Roger Dunn or golf Galaxy get your clubs there. I did the magnet test to see if the face was titanium and tested the crown on my driver purchased from eBay and all checked out.

taylormaxe Looking at the X irons on Ebay, it appears to me that a whole bunch of them are almost certainly fakes. You say you have purchased thousands of items from Rockbottom.

They wont even deliver the missing order………Dont even approach this guys! Ever hear of a online site cheapgolf4u suprefast this a legit online store or a bogas one selling fakes.

You are not Logged in. I wanted to know if I could possible have the superdast numbers off the clubs before I purchased them. Is there somewhere to post about a potential bogus seller? I just upgraded to the TM Burner irons. White is the new black. It superfqst wrong but Hope this post helps anyone else who might not be sure about the websites.


Almost all of the big chains have had to implement mandatory inspections of every club that comes through their shop because the quality of the counterfeits are getting so good. Are they fake or not?

Their website suggests they will charge for a restocking fee. Note also that the plastic ferrule — which covers the join between clubhead and shaft — is slightly thinner on the fake. I checked the swing weight on each iron.

Are these burner irons fake? – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

Note that all of these businesses are located within the Continental U. The image of the head of the 5 iron that RBG shows on their website for this club is turned at a different angle compared to all of the other websites and their pictures of the same club. What made it worst was that the clubs were a present for my partner, to which I can not give now. Are these burner 2. I ordered the Taylormade R9TP irons and was contacted within a few hours by my CC company asking if I had purchased any electronic equipment from Toyontech.

The serial number matches some older order numbers of ours from