Has anyone found the pro version to be worth it? It goes up to maybe Or should it already be working in demo mode? Have you tried the last version of the Scan Dual IV software on your machine? When scanning, I use an old Windows XP machine. VueScan isn’t my cup of tea. It may sound crazy, but I believe the best way to run an old scanner is to dedicate an old computer with the proper OS for the last version of the software.

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I do have a Vuescan icon in my “downloads” icon in the bottom row, next to the wastebasket. The nice thing about VueScan is that it will work with all those consumer-grade scanners. I found the solution — I needed to create sonyscanners. I just Googled VueScan and Driver software download here:. SHould I just bite the bullet and buy the software? Thanks for tonight’s help, all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Or should it already be working in demo mode? AD or AD to copy films on the Minolta scanner. What was the work around? It does come up with a window when I click it.


So Vual followed the directions and ,ac a cute little rotating colored circle that just keeps on rotating. The best out on the web for this situation. The pro version sounds tempting: If I focus manually, it freezes up on the second frame.

Then, mouse over the “Macintosh HD” icon and double-click on that. Updating the driver requires your having to relax the digital signature restrictions on your computer temporarily, then restarting to ensure the restrictions are re-instated.

Should I monkey with it?

How I Installed the 2003 Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV 35mm Film Scanner in Windows 10

RAW scans, color calibration, color spaces. Does anyone happen to have the correct Minolta Dimage II 64 bit driver that I could use to allow my scanner to work on my pc? I dikage to shut down VueScan AND the scanner and reboot the whole shabang before scanning another strip of 6 frames, everytime. Skip to content Burden: Please contact me if anyone has one available.

I wonder if it will also work with my Epson Perfectionor if it requires a separate driver, or what? VueScan isn’t my cup of tea.


It’s paid for itself several times especially when I switched to Mac ealier this year. Even then, it sometimes freezes up trying to focus the first frame. Thanks on beforehand, regards, Joris. Your email address will not be dul.

Or do I misunderstand? For anal-retentive Mac-ies like me, not the neatest way to go, but it’ll work – Barrett.

Does that mean it’s in the applications folder? Walkabout – Sunday slide 2… and 1.

Make your Minolta “DIMAGE Scan Dual IV” Driver and Software – Microsoft Community

It dimafe work, but I suspect a problem with the Scan Dual. Tomorrow maybe I’ll ask for help on why I get some weird “personal information” error when I installed a copy of PSE 3.

Dude, you are a life saver.