Storage altitude The storage altitude shows the maximum possible altitude for secure storing of the display. An important thing to consider for most users is how a screen will perform out of the box and with some basic manual adjustments. We have updated this section of the review with our new response time testing method. I have purchased a larger and supposedly higher resolution monitor for a greater cost but, honestly, this monitor performed just as well! The native mode seemed to be set to achieve a white point of k perhaps which it did well. For PAL sources, we have tested the screen and confirmed it will support the full native resolution of x at 50Hz refresh rate. This does make it a little thicker than some of the ultra-thin profile screens you can find which offer an external power brick.

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27″ Dell UltraSharp U2713H – Specifications

The factory calibration of the sRGB preset mode was also pleasing on the most part. Graphics card settings were left at default with no ICC profile or calibration active. It is a little odd however that Dell have not made the two available together. The colour temperature modes offered reasonable levels of accuracy overall with a maximum deviance from the target of only 7.

Useable DCR in practice.

Laptops by Caitlin Petrakovitz Nov 25, Monitor Specifications Size 27″WS Dell seem to have toned down the AG coating on recent models which is great news. Information about the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical side of the screen.

Dell UH LED LCD Monitor | eBay

We’ve seen similar technologies used on NEC and Eizo screens in the past with some positive results. The custom mode u2713 you to define your targets if you wish but it does seem that the X-rite i1 Display Pro is measuring the white point about – k out. Horizontal viewing angle Information about the maximum horizontal viewing angle, within which the image on the screen is of acceptable quality.


There is a very feint hum from the screen if you listen very closely during normal use. However, that is very easily controlled through the brightness setting on most screens and should not impact the other areas being measured anyway. The wide viewing angles provided by the IPS panel technology on both horizontal and vertical planes, helps minimize on-screen colour shift when viewed from different angles.

The screen offers 2x USB 3.

This is more than adequate for most users, especially given the aforementioned complexities with achieving a bit workflow. The second part is not so easy however as you require a compatible calibration tool to work with this software and allow hardware calibration. The Samsung SMRZ performed very well in these tests and showed very low levels of motion blur also. The Dell UH showed an average total display lag of A good factory calibration requires u2713n 3 to be well set up.

You may also like. It was aimed more at mainstream users with a lower u2713hh cost and a more “friendly” standard gamut which is more suitable for the more casual user. The transitions are from light to dark shades with the movement of the car and we know from our oscilloscope tests that there dll minimal overshoot in those circumstances.

One final thing to note is that the new UHM and UH dekl a light AG coating and so do not suffer from the grainy, dirty appearance in some uses that the heavy AG coating of the U had.


We have come to learn that DCR figures are greatly exaggerated and what is useable in reality is often very different to what is written on paper or on a manufacturers website. This setting basically features tweaked or customisable in the case of the “advance” option settings for contrast, sharpness, offset, hue and saturation.

This can also cover the Adobe RGB reference space as a result and extends considerably beyond the sRGB reference which is still widely used.

Dell U2713H LED LCD Monitor

The ‘Energy Smart’ feature can be turned on and off here as well. It’s good to see the full range of adjustments available and all are easy to use really, offering a decent range of adjustments u27713h an overall sturdy feel. To be totally fair, drll buzzing noise is a minor issue and quite hard to actually produce.

Brightness Information about the brightness of the screen. There is no A-TW polarizer on this panel which is rarely used now in the market but was implemented on some older screens to improve the off centre black viewing. The results are recorded below: An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity by U213h Grunin. It should be removed really from the manuals and OSD menu which Dell are looking at for future revisions.

Of other note is the new ‘Uniformity Compensation’ option which we will test later on as well.