Putian, city of - China - Fujian province
Putian city lies on the grounds of Fujian province in China. Urban district of the same name covers the area between Quanzhou and Fuzhou and is located in the Central…

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The Category of Natural phenomena. Hydrosphere. The lake of icebergs. Sarez lake
  Iceberg lake is located in Central Tien Shan, near the summit of Khan Tengri at a height of over 3,300 meters. It's pretty big: length about four and a…

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Natural gem of Volyn region – lake Svityaz


Volyn is famous for its extraordinary nature. There are more than 180 nature reserves, including 5 reserves. This is a magical land of dense forests and untamed animals. It is home to spotted deer and wild boar, moose and bison, foxes, weasels. Nesting swans, storks, types of cranes, which are listed in the Red book. Among more than 800 names of flora, 29 – on the verge of extinction and are protected in national parks.

Beautiful blue-eyed Volyn consists of 224 lakes and 130 rivers, which is recognized as the purest in Europe. In the field of the most famous lakes are located in Shatsky national nature reserve: Svityaz, Sand, Pulemetske, Krymne, Ostrovenskoe, Peremout.

In Volhynia honored folk traditions and rituals. The region has enriched the world Treasury of historical sights of the famous ancient castles, fortresses, palaces, monasteries and temples. Among them the most famous are the castles of the princes Radzivill family and the Duke of Westminster. Mystical Klevan and Ostrog castle, the romantic ruins of the castle Rubcovskaja.

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What to see in Switzerland



Switzerland is a country with a rich historical past. Wherever you were, be sure there are something from ancient times. First and foremost is, of course, castles. They stand proudly for many centuries, directing their spires into the blue Swiss sky. Don’t miss the opportunity to touch the great past, having been in one or more locks, each of which is completely unique in its own way interesting, original and unique. As actually everything in this magical country!


In addition to castles in Switzerland preserved palaces in which the efforts of their owners collected old household items and furnishings, as well as rare paintings and sculptures.


Switzerland is covered by a dense network of deep rivers (Rhine, Rhone, Inn – a tributary of the Danube; the Ticino is a tributary of the po), most of which originates in glaciers. The exceptional wealth of Switzerland is a large deep lakes, of which there are about a thousand. They have an elongated shape (their depression treated by glaciers), and rocky mountain slopes drop directly into the water. Because of the large depth and water transparency of the lake seem bottomless blue. An amazing variety of landscape and large Continue reading

Tours and routes in the Chelyabinsk region.


Chelyabinsk region is the southern part of the Urals. The notional boundary between Europe and Asia is carried out mainly along the watershed ridges of the Ural mountains. In the Chelyabinsk area of reserves and national parks occupy about 200 thousand hectares.

Chelyabinsk region is amazing, beautiful nature. The crowning glory of the region – the ancient spurs of the Ural mountains. The unique nature reserve of Federal significance “Zyuratkul”, located at an altitude of 740 meters above sea level; the country’s only Ilmensky mineralogical reserve; beautiful lake Argazi, Uvildy, Turgoyak, Chebarkul, and more than three thousand bodies of water, mountain caves – all this natural wealth of the Chelyabinsk region.

Southern Ural – the land of lakes. On the territory of Chelyabinsk region there are about 3170, the total area is 2125 sq km Blue necklace Ural mountains – a chain of lakes that adorn the Eastern foothills of the Ural mountains from Chebarkul to the Northern border region. Here every lake is like a crystal faceted evergreen pines and silver birches.

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