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Famous lake Maggiore


The famous lake is located on the border of Italy and Switzerland. The most popular among all the resorts in Western Europe.

The lake is divided into two parts: Italian and Swiss. The Swiss part is located in the Canton of Ticino, Italian is the province of Lombardy and Piedmont. The area of the water surface of Lago Maggiore is huge, its area is 200 m2. The lake formation was due to the melting of glaciers. Now, after millions of years, it is a tectonic depression, which is the purest water, surrounded by high banks. For these banks it is possible to see the outlines of the Lombard Alps.

Causes of populyarnosti lake

The wind rose is always having an impact, the lake is blown by them on all sides. Actually the name of the lake comes from these winds: Maggiore – Northern wind Mergozzo – West. The water in the lake has a considerable level of fluctuation throughout the year, in addition, it is very resistant to low temperatures. Because of this, even in the frozen days of the lake does not freeze.

The wonderful climate and the beautiful landscape of this area attracts thousands of tourists every year. They all want the same thing – a good rest on the shores of the resort. One of the most developed spheres of activity here is tourism, in addition, it attracts a lot of fishermen and water sports.

The most popular among tourists are the towns of Ascona, Locarno, Cannobio and Stresa. The reason for the popularity lies in the location of the cities, they stretched right off the coast of Lago Maggiore.

The Municipality Of Stresa

Beautiful Stresa is located at the foot of mount Mottarone, which lies on the coast of the lake. The resort has taken a leading position in the region in attendance when, as here, it was decided to build a railroad. This place in the middle ages attracted the attention of leading painters and artists of Europe. Even members of the Royal family of great Britain came to rest here, in Stresa. And despite the fact that they could choose any resort in the world.

Architecturally, the city resembles a modern developed resort, and medieval Italian fortress. A special impression on tourists produces parks and gardens, from all sides they are surrounded by the majestic mountains of Mottarone. For wealthy people on the coast of the lake is always expensive villas and hotels. What is most amazing – the cost of living in them is incredibly high, and while they are almost at any time of the year filled to capacity.

About the second part of the lake

The second part of the lake is located in the small Swiss town of Locarno. Many European residents it is known as the venue of the annual film festival held in August on the main square. For residents of this region and the nearby towns of Locarno is known as one of the best resorts. Only half an hour away by train is Milan. A small distance from the largest cities is also one of the features of Locarno.

You can highlight another great place in the part of Lago Maggiore, which is located in Switzerland. Is a small town of Ascona, with a population not exceeding 6,000 persons. The altitude is 196 m, the town is located on the picturesque Monte Verità. In this place born many famous people: James chase, Ferdinand Wrangel, Gaetano Matteo, Peter Bern, and others.

Also, the famous Ascona jazz festival, which is held annually here in the summer. It attracts thousands of fans of this music. Many historical sights clustered in the old district of the city, such as the ruins of the castle of San Obscene that have survived to the present day, the Cathedral of San Pietro. The Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia.

All the cities belonging to the Lago Maggiore, very popular among tourists. Ascona is no exception, however the peak of this interest falls on the winter season because of snow cover thickness and flatness of the mountains.