Of The biggest lake ecosystem of the world blows
  WISCONSIN, on November 16. In canadian-American shore of lake superior, the largest area of freshwater lake in the world, over the last 20 years have seen major changes. Professor…

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  This famous resort in Turkey is on the Mediterranean sea. He is among the three largest in the region, second only to Antalya and Alanya. Manavgat is called one…

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What to see in Croatia


Going to Croatia, every tourist asks the most General, but at the same time extremely important issue – what to see in Croatia? And to see in this country really is something. Unique places in Croatia very much, so the list of these five items to make was extremely difficult.

National Park in Croatia attracts many people. The Park is located in the heart of Croatia, so it can be reached easily from anywhere in the country. There are the Plitvice lakes, which need to see every tourist. These unique lakes were created by nature, namely the river Kornoi, which has built in a conservation area approximately one hundred and forty of the dam with beautiful waterfalls. By the way, every year there is formed a new waterfall. In General a very interesting place, which is protected by UNESCO.

Krka national Park is unique. Here grow approximately nine hundred different plants and many species of fish. Also here you can find waterfalls, and surrounded by small Islands, which here is worth raczinski monastery, which was built in the fourteenth century.

Cave Vranjaca very interesting. It is necessary to look at all the tourists who go to Croatia. Cave Vranjaca –reserve. She was discovered only a few decades ago. However, this cave has already gained a lot of popularity. There is a unique nature, the cave itself has an interesting configuration. The cave was decorated very interestingly with the stone human sculptures, cave paintings, and sculptures of birds and animals. In the cave you can see stalagmites, quartz rock stone of different colors and shades. In General very nice.

In Croatia the tourist should look at the amphitheatre in the city of Pura. This ancient amphitheatre, which is usually included in the program “what to see tourists in Croatia”. The amphitheatre is very well preserved, much better than most of the ancient Roman architecture. There is a tower, orders the arena and places for spectators. Built the amphitheatre was in the first century ad.

Brijuni Islands – the enticing and tempting for any tourist traveling to Croatia, and wants to see something amazing. This is a group of small Islands, near Pula. Recognized as a national Park of the country not so long ago.

On the Islands there is a lot of interesting things. For example, the Villa of Marshal Tito. Also here you can find a Villa of the first century, the Church of Saint Germain and many more. Beneath the water, is still the Venetian fleet, which was once flooded.