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Braslav lakes, prices on vacation in Braslaw

Rest in Belarus on the lakes will definitely appeal to those who appreciate the beauty of nature. Natural and pure air of this place attract tourists from large cities, tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday.

Belarus is not in vain called the lake district. Rest on the lake of Belarus is one of the most popular types of tourism. The water in the lakes of the Braslav region is considered the most pure and the air healthy. In this article we will talk about Braslav lakes and recreation in the region.

General information about Braslav lakes

The Braslav group of lakes belongs to the National Park and is located in the Northwest of the Republic of Belarus (Braslav district, Vitebsk region). The conservation area of 70 thousand hectares.

Lakes of the Braslav region was the result of the melting glacier that left here bizarre bodies of water. Interest for tourists are:

lake Strusto (Braslav lakes);




Boginsky the lake.

In addition to the lakes of Braslav is famous for its hilly landscape, forests and juniper heaths.

Recreation at Drivyaty in Braslav lakes

It is the biggest lake of Braslav, Belarus takes 5th place. It has 6 Islands of varying size and shape. In the Drivyaty lake is home to almost all species distributed in the Republic of Belarus.

All the trips on Braslav route starts from the shores of lake Drivyaty. These waters attract avid fishermen who prefer to fish in quiet areas and on small Islands.

Braslav (Drivyaty) — a great place for families with children as the strip of shoal stretches here along the shore is quite far (in some places up to 100 meters).

The only disadvantage of the recreation at Drivyaty lake can be a wind, sometimes raising big waves. However, the water in the warm season warming up here quickly, and due to the fact that it is saturated with oxygen, it found a huge amount of fish.

Boginsky lake of the Braslav region

Popular among the fishermen of the lake. Come here for trophy pike, perch and Zander.

Boginsky on the lake are two large Islands — Hillfort and Terenteyka. In addition to fishing, the region is famous for hunting grounds (wild boar, elk and ROE deer) and the intercession Church, recognized as the monument of architecture of XIX century.

If You choose this region to rest, then You will not be bored.

Lake Nedawareness region

Lake Nedrovo differs from the other lakes of the group of complex coastline. Thanks to her fancy it is famous for its numerous bays.

The lake is a great place of fishing for bream, perch, pike-perch, eel, pike and other fish species. It regularly organises tourist boat trips. And on the shores you can find a great infrastructure for travelers.

Snudy lake in the Braslav district

One of the most popular for recreation and tourism of the Braslav lakes region. On its shores are many attractions, recreation and property. If You want to relax and get acquainted with the culture of the area, come on the lake Snudy.

Braslav is a small Paradise of the Belarusian land. Only here You can combine active and relaxing holiday, and enjoy the clean air and water.