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Lake Kinneret (Israel). Attractions the sea of Galilee.


Israel is a land full of amazing legends, events, history and amazing nature. The sea of Galilee is a unique lake for planet Earth by its geographic location and historical value. On the shores of the Kinneret, or sea of Galilee, happened because of the events of Christian history, because on these shores and waters of the sea of Galilee, went to Jesus Christ himself. Here he began to preach, met his disciples and companions. On the coast of the sea of Galilee there were numerous miracles of biblical times.

The geographical highlight of the Kinneret

Among the lakes our blue planet sea of Galilee (another name for the sea of Galilee) is the lowest located at sea level freshwater. Below the sea of Galilee is the only other significant water attraction of Israel — the Dead sea.


Kinneret lake, difficult to call. Such a huge edifice in water 50 m deep, 50-60 km length of coastline and the total scale at 165 km truly can be compared only with the sea. Not by chance, since ancient times for body of water called the sea of Galilee due to the proximity to the mountains of Galilee.

Few people know, but the sea of Galilee, Israel awarded a different name. In addition to the sea of Galilee and the sea of Galilee, there are such names as lake of Tarichea, Chinarevskoe, or sea of Gennesaret.

Among the many names Kineret is the first place. Perhaps the very form of the pond and became the name of the lake. The name Kinneret is conformable to the word of the Israeli Kinor means violin, or ancient stringed instrument, the Kinor. There is also a version that the lake is so named in honour of the pagan gods – the God of Quinara and the goddess of the sea.

Its the water of the lake fills up from the deep springs and numerous streams. But the main water key, which introduce significant share of freshwater water, is crossing the sea of Galilee is a unique lake, the Jordan river. They say that the sacred river as it splits the lake in two, and not mixed with its waters. Even the paintings of the ancient artists testify to this fact. The ancient painters portrayed Jordan as a line crossing the sea of Galilee in two. As it is not really known, but we know one thing – the Jordan flows into the Kinneret, and from it follows. Here’s an amazing anomaly!

From economic point of view, the sea of Galilee is an important freshwater artery of Israel. The authorities protect the lake not only as historical and natural heritage, but also as a strategic reserve of freshwater water. Also in this pond Israeli fishermen catch the fish catch in 2000 tons.

The journey on the shores of lake

The climatic conditions of Israel beckon to tourists to this country all year round. The hospitality of the Holy land has the perfect combination with climatic conditions.


The shores of the sea of Galilee is no exception. It is warm, dry and comfortable. In January the background temperature is unlikely to be below 18°C. the Only surprise that might await tourists on the banks of the pond, this is an unexpected storm. Experienced fishermen can accurately determine the time of its approach, and inexperienced lovers of boating may be slightly frightened to revelry of the water element. Storm water is most often happen in the evening, due to the temperature difference.

Visit the sea of Galilee becomes a fascinating journey not only as a walk through the unique historical sites and ancient cities, but also as Wellness pastime and unity with nature of Israel. Travelling along the shores of the lake, be sure to visit the following places.

– Tiberias

City, one of the sacred among the Israelites. Here their last refuge Grand masters of the Torah and the founders of the rabbinic teaching of Rabbi Akiva, Maimonid (Rambam). The city has preserved ruins of an ancient synagogue, which has a unique value not only as an architectural monument, but also as a consummate specimen of the art of laying mosaics.

– Yardenit

In a place called Yardenit, tourists can go through the rite of baptism. But one should not confuse this place with the place where the baptism of Jesus. It just so happens that the main part of the river Jordan is located in Jordan, and in Yardenite the Jordan river available to everyone to be baptized in Israel.

– Healing springs chamey tveria

The sea from time immemorial famous for its balneal and healing mud sources. In the access of tourists is 17 healing springs with mud, called “Paloma”. Chamey tveria is a very popular place not only among tourists, but Israelis.

– Tabgha

The place where there was the amazing miracles of Jesus – walking on water and multiplying fish and loaves of bread. To find this place easily, here is the Church of the multiplication of the loaves. In the temple there is a unique mosaic depicting 2 fish and 4 loaves of bread.

– Capernaum

Capernaum is the ruins of the ancient city where Jesus preached. Do not be lazy to climb the nearby mountain with a symbolic name of the Mountain the sermon on the mount and admire the views and ancient churches.

Amazing facts

Enjoy relaxing and sightseeing in sea of Galilee, note some interesting facts:

– Generatsiya sardine. Little fish, length of 20 cm only found in the waters of the sea of Galilee.


– Saint Peter’s Fish. Like Sardine, St. Peter’s fish lives only here. The peculiarity of this fish that is caring for offspring is the male who carries the eggs gently in my mouth. Dining on the shores of lake Tiberias sure to taste the fish.

– Fire ants. These insects are often so intensely attack the lake shore that their warlike attack equate to a natural disaster. The insect is dangerous to humans, the bites cause extreme pain.

– Salt springs. Despite the fact that the sea of Galilee is a freshwater pond, its waters have a slightly salty taste. All because of salt springs that are found on the banks of the reservoir.

The sea of Galilee, is like a Museum under the open sky. Barely on Earth can you find such a miracle.

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