Of The biggest lake ecosystem of the world blows
  WISCONSIN, on November 16. In canadian-American shore of lake superior, the largest area of freshwater lake in the world, over the last 20 years have seen major changes. Professor…

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The Famous lake Vostok in Antarctica has disappointed scientists
  In the mysterious subglacial water in Antarctica have not yet found life. The famous lake Vostok in Antarctica, alas, disappointed scientists. As reported Sergey Bulat, a researcher of St.…

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Putian, city of – China – Fujian province

Putian city lies on the grounds of Fujian province in China. Urban district of the same name covers the area between Quanzhou and Fuzhou and is located in the Central part of the province. The coastal area is notable for the many bays and Islands, the most famous of which is Meizhou. On this island according to ancient legend, the goddess matsu was born.

The Central part of the urban district is located 10 kilometers from the coast. Here reigns a subtropical humid climate. Day and night air temperature can have a difference of 10 degrees. In the olden days near the town was a monastery of southern Shaolin. On the towering mountains above the city lies the famous Lake nine Karpov, the famous nine waterfalls.

The famous Shaolin temple in the Tang dynasty, who ruled in the period from 618 to 908 years, was under the protection and patronage of the highest authority. His secret treasure had untold wealth. Of importance, the monastery had a high status and played a dominant role among the other Buddhist temples. Southern Shaolin temple after its construction in the mountains Tsumani became a center of martial arts in China, the second largest community.

The Shaolin monks took an active part in the protection of coastal areas current urban district and the province in General against Japanese pirates. Also were the participants of the popular uprisings for justice and independence. According to historical data it is known that a detachment of monks fought against the Manchus under the leadership of well-known in those days, the warlord Zheng Changhua.

Modern Putian lies on the highway No. 324. Public transport within the city district is represented by buses. Extensive trails allow quick access to different parts of the village. The main attractions are the ancient architectural structures and natural landscapes – temples Meizu and Guanghua, South Shaolin temple, a picturesque lake Czyli. City hotels presented in traditional Chinese and European styles with a decent level of service and comfortable rooms.

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