Families with children in Abkhazia, summer. Hotels for kids pictures
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The Lake in Bukovel - the largest artificial lake in Ukraine
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Rest in Russia


Our country is one of the best places for tourism, because only here you can find deserts, semi-deserts, steppes, taiga, steppe, tundra and even volcanoes. This variety boasts only Russia. On its territory are the longest rivers and the highest mountains of Europe, as well as a unique variety of lakes and healing springs. Some people even choose to domicile places such as SLT snow valley or Sunny beach, located in a picturesque corner of the most remote areas of our capital.


In Russia you can find a place and climate to suit every taste, so our amazing country belongs to an honorable place among the others in that as well as developing tourism.

It can be quite varied:






Let’s try to talk about each of them separately.

Types of Russian tourism

We can find the most different and amazing sightseeing tours. It’s not just cities-museums as Moscow, St. Petersburg or Novgorod, and the volcanoes of Kamchatka, the wonderful Karelia, lake Baikal and many others. It’s not just stations in Ostrivtsi IH. and objects that completely absorb people interested in history and architecture.

Extremely you can rest almost everywhere, but especially popular are the Altai mountains (rafting), southern Urals (for ski lovers), the Caucasus (jeep tours) – you just desire to relax to enjoy the extreme.

Among the pilgrims the most famous Central and North-Western part of Russia is the Golden ring, Diveevo, Zadonsk – to list them all very difficult, because only on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region, there are numerous monasteries and shrines.

Today the most popular form of leisure – environmental tourism that involves communing with nature and observing it. The most well – known places, Karelia, lake Baikal, forests of Komi and so on.

Business-tourism is travel for official purposes: various seminars, corporate events, incentive tours and other.