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Great Chusovoy, lake


Located North of Upper Ufaley, 6 km from the village Cheremshanka.

The distance from Chelyabinsk – 160 km from Ekaterinburg – 120 km, Upper Ufaley – 13 km.

Lake district • office • Coordinates: 56°8′29″N 60°20′43″E


The lake is of round shape with a diameter of about one kilometer. The depth of the lake is on average 1.5-2 meters, maximum depth – 3 meters. The bottom is covered with thick algae and putrid mud, which has healing properties.

On the North side of lake chusovskoe Great river flows out Poldnevaya (Midday) Chusovaya — upstream the Chusovaya river, one of the fastest and most beautiful rivers of the Urals. According to one version, it is in Great chusovskoe lake is the source of Chusovoi. According to another version, the Chusovaya river originates in the lake Sunny, third — from a spring near the village of Selci. On the lake, at the mouth of the Chusovaya river, has a small dam.

One mile lake is Small Chusovoy, which is connected with the Large lake Chusovoy river. Together with Sunny lake Chusovskoe lake is located in the marshy lowlands, so the researchers suggest that earlier it was one big lake.

The Big Chusovoy lake surrounded by coniferous-deciduous forest. On the southern shore of the lake is the village Chusovoy.

Place names

The name of the lake was given by the Chusovaya river flowing through the lake.

The name comes from two roots Komi-permjatskogo language: Chus (fast, agile) and WA (water). This version is confirmed by the names of rivers such as the Meridian and North of Chus Chus. The word Chus in contemporary Komi-Permyak language was lost.

In addition, there are lakes with similar names in the Perm region and the Sverdlovsk region.

Relax on the Large lake chusovskoe

The lake is Big Chusovoy is quite popular among vacationers and fishermen. Because the banks are swamped, it is better to bathe from the pier-side village of Chusovoy.

Directly on the lake lots of places for a secluded vacation in a tent or in the car. More comfortable conditions can be found in the sports complex “snowstorm”, located 5 km from the lake in the village Cheremshanka.

Near the village of Cheremshanka, you can visit Cheremshansk career. they are called The amphitheater due to the stepped shape of the slopes. 10 km to the East of the lake is the famous lake Itkul with the mysterious Shaitan-Stone.


In may 2014, the Big lake chusovskoe festival-alloy “Big water”. On the waterfront were fun festivities with games and entertainment. The festival “Big water” is held on the river Chusovaya every year, but in 2014 he was first held in Chelyabinsk region, at the very beginning of the river.

Fishing in lake chusovskoe Great

The lake contains perch, pike, crucian carp, Rudd. Fishing on the lake throughout the year. For catching carp using float tackle with plant and animal baits. Pike and perch are caught in winter on the imitation fish vertical trolling. The best time for biting — after coating the first lake ice.

How to get to the Big lake chusovskoe

Go from Chelyabinsk to Sverdlovsk tract, following the sign for Kasli, after Casla turn right at the sign on office and follow signs to the village Cheremshanka and Chusovoy.