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The cleanest lakes Russia – crystal-seven


Among the splendor of Russian nature, it is impossible not to pay attention to the vast freshwater lakes.

We present to your attention 7 the cleanest lakes of the country.


Location: the South of Eastern Siberia, Irkutsk region.

The first in this list simply can not be called, this unique reservoir. Apart from the fact that it is the deepest (1700 m.), largest (more than 30 thousand sq. m.) the lake, it is also filled with very clean water.

To see the bottom at 20 meters depth do nothing! Its water has an unusual blue color, and even the ice when the lake freezes over, almost completely transparent! The purity of the water remains a mystery to modern scientists, the lake gradually gets covered with sludge, but not Baikal!

Some researchers suggest that the reason lies in the location of the reservoir — at the junction of tectonic plates — it is constantly updated with fresh groundwater, due to the movement of these plates.

The exact answer about the age of the lake, nor the purity of its water is not able to give one today, however, thanks to these inexplicable factors in the lake inhabited by such animals, which are not found in any other corner of our great planet.


Location: southern Urals, Chelyabinsk region.

The younger brother of lake Baikal — the most beautiful little inferior to him in purity of water. Its area is not so huge, but still impressive – more than 26 sqm Granite massif became the vessel for the waters of the lake and thus the liquid is filtered as though through the natural stone and remains incredibly clean.

The bottom near the Turgoyak completely flat and incredibly beautiful landscapes on the shore of the reservoir marked in a special card index of our country. In addition to the visual charms of this water body is connected very beautiful legend about a guy by the name of the Tour and lovely maid Gojak. Thanks to their enormous love and care about each other, and there is a unique lake.


Location: Chelyabinsk region, Satka district.

The most upstream lake in our country (724 m above sea level) gave the name to the national Park in which is located. It is surrounded by five giants: ridges — the Zyuratkul, Moskal, Urenga and the mountains — Lucas and Nurgush.

Clear water, well oxygenated, allows for habitat of many species of fish. The lake district even recognized as the most ecological district of the region!

Formed thousands of years ago, now it’s the lake became a reservoir and is of great value for nature of our country. However, precisely because of human intervention the shoreline of the lake has changed and, if previously in its form it is very much like the heart, now the pond has lost this feature.

Teletskoye lake

Location: Altai.

The name of the lake comes from the name of the tribe – Telesi that lived in its waters when the Russians first discovered it.The depth of this second lake after lake Baikal. It is located in a tectonic basin, as if in a cradle. The height of its location is quite impressive – 436 m above sea level.

Steep steep coast is truly picturesque, and creeks: Kaminski and Kyginski; stretched, allowing spawning of many fish.

A distinctive feature of lake Teletskoye is capricious climate. On the same day you can witness a dozen of weather changes, this is due to two adjacent here, the winds, they very unexpectedly change each other.

Lake Ladoga

Location: Leningrad region and Karelia Republic.

The pond marked in the history of our vast country, as a way of Life. The lake was the only channel of communication with the besieged Leningrad, it is the very existence of his saved many lives of our ancestors.

In length the lake overflows for 219 km in the deepest point 230 m. formed Its unique nature attracts huge number of tourists every year. Ladoga, the lake gives life to the river — in its waters it originates.

Distinguished by their popularity and two, available, the Islands of lake Ladoga – Valaam and Konevets. On their site are one of a kind ancient monasteries.

Lake Onega

Location: Leningrad, Vologda and Republic of Karelia.

Neighboring with the previous, is parallel to Onega Ladoga, has a very similar terrain on the coast – in the North there are many Islands and semi-Islands, while in the South coastline is very flat and smooth.

The lake has a notably large number of bays. The purity of the water here, though two times lower, than in Baikal, but still much higher than many muddy ponds.

In addition, this lake, like its neighbour, thousands of years ago was filled with ice. It now freezes in the cold season.


Location: Krasnoyarsk territory, Taimyr Peninsula.

This lake — the Ice king of the world, because the North is not a single lake on the planet.Nine months of the year it is almost everywhere until the bottom is covered by ice, but life here is still warm.

Very peculiar flora and fauna surrounds this pond, just living here an accelerated life cycle. It is provided by nature for survival in such harsh conditions. No matter what, more than 20 species of fish inhabit here, and the opportunity for fishing attracts many avid anglers from around the world.

The lake itself though, and comes sometimes up to 26 m. in most of its territory is only 4 m deep .This lake is interesting because it is like a huge Bay with an area of 4.5 thousand square km of the river Taimyr. It flows into him, the Top, and flows, as lower. In fact her water and form the pond.

Our country — an incredible storehouse of vast natural resources to survey them all one life is not enough and happy to be the one who will be able to see at least named here, freshwater attractions.

Do not expect approval of fate, embark crystal lakes country, and your life will take on their purity and originality.

Appreciate the greatest wealth of our country!