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Real Estate in Switzerland, rent and sell property in Switzerland


In terms of acquisition of real estate Switzerland remains a very popular destination. Typical for Switzerland is not only the most effective in the world the social security system, but also a high level of security. Economic and political stability in Switzerland is calculated not even in decades and centuries. Of course, that this stability is expensive – that’s what made the Swiss banks the safest in the world, but life in Switzerland is the most secure.

However, a healthy and stable economy – it’s not all that attracts foreign investors in the country. Hardly less important is the amazing nature of this country: clean environment, healthy air, beautiful lakes, green Alpine meadows, fluffy drifts of snow in the winter. In Switzerland are many world famous resorts, where every year comes a huge number of celebrities – these are the stars of stage and cinema, politicians, writers, businessmen. Naturally, due to the development of tourism, and develops the real estate sector – many foreigners, after a rest in Switzerland, considering purchasing my own home in this country. This is not surprising, since Swiss cities are most comfortable for life – this is confirmed by annual surveys. Whatever happens in the world, people invariably referred to as Switzerland’s most comfortable country. If for most of the countries privileged to have at least 1 of their cities in the list of the top 100, but in Switzerland this includes

3 of the city – it is Zurich (first place), Geneva (second place), Bern (ninth place).

Another important point which must be considered when identifying reasons why foreigners tend to settle in Switzerland – this formation. Many parents want their children to have the best education and those who have sufficient means to do so, know that the best education can be found in Switzerland. It concerns not only schools but also universities, the diploma which opens to young specialists of doors in almost any organization and company.

In Switzerland appreciate the image of their country and the calm that gives life to here. It can happen that to buy a property here will be not so easy, as in many other countries, but in any case, these worries are justified entirely.