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Treatment in the clinics of Austria


Austria – it is a mountainous country with excellent European climate, which is the best suited for successful treatment abroad. No wonder the international ranking of medical tourism, it is held stably in the area of the fifth position.

Quality medicine Austria is on the same level as the neighbouring countries Switzerland and Germany. The prices for treatment in Austria is much lower Swiss. Most often people come here suffering from diseases Oncology, orthopedics . cardiovascular system and digestive system.

It is noteworthy that the treatment in Austria is not limited to the procedure in hospitals and medical centres. Despite the fact that clinics Austria have a great reputation in Europe, many people choose the spas. There is a lot of thermal and radon springs. The General treatment process and is accompanied by pure mountain air that prevails in almost every region of the country. It should be noted that the healing of natural springs and, in particular, medicinal waters, Austria is under strict control of experienced doctors.

Among Russian tourists is very popular 3-day Wellness tours, as well as comprehensive program. Last combine not only treatment procedures in clinics and hospitals, but also numerous excursions in the most interesting natural and historical places of Austria. Some even manage to combine treatment with extreme and at the same time rewarding holiday . Since a large part of Austrian territory occupied by the Alps, is very well developed skiing and descents on mountain rivers.

Very popular clinic Austria, located in resort areas. These medical institutions combine treatment and recovery. Moreover, the doctors here are able to make the most comprehensive medical courses. In resort areas it is possible to pass a rehabilitation course right after any complicated clinical procedures.

Some analysts, comparing the treatment in Germany treatment in Austria, the focus is in favor of the latter option, based on the fact that in this country, more areas are rich in natural springs. In favor of Austria’s picturesque mountain landscapes and amazing lakes. All of this only has a positive effect on any treatment. Finally, treatment in Austria you should choose in case You want to visit the magnificent attractions, of which there are myriad.

We must not forget that different methods of treatment abroad of certain diseases may be different contraindications for each individual patient. In this regard, it is not recommended to draw up a programme of rehabilitation or to find a clinic in Austria alone.

If You first decide to go for treatment abroad, it is advisable to contact a trusted Agency – what is the European holding Dennis Miller in Moscow. Here You will get any help on treatment abroad: from information to comprehensive legal support of a trip to any health resort of Europe.