What to see in Croatia
  Going to Croatia, every tourist asks the most General, but at the same time extremely important issue – what to see in Croatia? And to see in this country…

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The Plosky Tolbachik volcano formed a unique lake of lava
  Kamchatka now rushed more than usual scientists and tourists. A rare sight and the object of study gave them the volcano Flat Tolbachik. It formed a lake of lava.…

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The Lake of tears and the lake of death. Indonesia


Indonesia – a country that attracts tourists for its beautiful scenery, exotic culture and favorable conditions for recreation. Everyone finds here something interesting, but sometimes, to see a natural pearl from Indonesia, need to make some effort. So, admire the famous lake of Kelimutu volcano . not only can climbing up the mountain.

In the crater of this volcano contains a lake, attracting the attention of the unusual color of the water. All three lakes, but widely known only two of them – the lake of tears and the lake of death . located next to each other – it is their additional feature. The third lake is located at a considerable distance (1.5 km) from the first two.

In order to see these lakes. you need to go to the island of Flores, and climb Kelimutu. Of course, such a trip is not everyone’s strength (to the foot of the volcano can be reached by car), but the openings on the top of the mountain spectacle, worth the effort. In the crater of the volcano before the eyes of the tourists enjoy the lake with absolutely amazing colour of the water – brown, green, red. Periodically water can change its color, such color change is observed in third lake. located at a distance. Each of the lakes changes its color independently of the other reservoir.

Despite the fact that scientists had already given an explanation for this phenomenon, consisting in particular of mineral composition of the water (which changes periodically, which causes a color change), the appearance of the lakes has a huge impression on all who saw them. And when you consider opening the top of the mountain view – it seems as if lake float above the surface of the earth – the feeling of unreality of the landscape is enhanced doubly.

Of course, the people of Indonesia are very proud of this landmark ( lake included in the world heritage list of UNESCO ); also from these places they are associated with the mass of legends – it is believed that in the waters of the lakes live the lost souls of their countrymen. In the morning over lakes light haze rises – like someone disembodied spirit really soars over the surface of the water… watch dawn of the lake look especially mystical.

Not to say that the lake is under special protection of the authorities, because they form part of the national Park Kelimutu .