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Rest in Yurt camp “Aydar”


Yurt camp “Aydar” is situated 7 km from the Western coast of Aydarkul lake, near lost in the Sands of the village of Dongelek. It is an oasis in the heart of the Kyzylkum desert, 60 km from a small historic city – Nurata.

It is no exaggeration to say that today it is the largest and most comfortable Yurt camp in Uzbekistan.

Here stationary set 15 festive yurts (if necessary it is possible to install 6 more yurts), richly decorated with carpets and handmade by local craftsmen Cherdakly. Colored woven patterns and even chandeliers create an unusually festive atmosphere in camp housing.

Yurta – traditional house of the nomads of Central Asia – has more than createsecurity history. Its design was constantly improved and reached perfection. Yurt can be assembled and disassembled within hours by a family and is carried on two camels or horses. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is harmless, as it is made from simple natural materials – wood, poles and felt, rolled up sheep wool.

Yurt camp is also equipped with stationary toilets with sanitary equipment, shower, Yurt – cabins company, where lunch, dinner. The camp has electricity.

Evening You can spend around the bonfire listening to the local bard (singer of national songs), in an extremely quiet and peaceful atmosphere, enjoying an incredibly large stars and the Milky way. Before dinner you can meet the sunset on the highest dune with a Holy place. A ritual of making wishes, tying rope on the sacred saxaul (over 700 years). For dinner we offer national dish “Beshbarmak” or any other national dish, according to Your desire, 3 salads, meats, fruits and Eastern sweets.

You can also ride a camel, play beach sports and experience the rush of adrenaline, riding ATVs on the dunes of the desert.

Yurt camp is the starting point for an exciting and educational tours in the region. For lovers of hunting and fishing, will be provided with everything you need.

Near the camp there are unique lakes, where they still manually extract the salt.

On the lake “Aydarkul” suggested a picnic, which serves grilled fish or kebab, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, fruit and mineral water; here tourists can relax, swim in the warm, slightly salty waters and sunbathe on the picturesque beach.

Aydarkul – “the turquoise sea in the Sands” every year it expands, while the Aral sea shoal. And even today, many species of animals moved from the sea to the shores of this magnificent lake. You will have a picnic on the banks of Aidarkul (fried fish will be required).

On the way to the Yurt camp you can visit “stone picture gallery” of ancient people in the tract Sarmysh. Here at black baltovich said discovered more than three thousand drawings of petroglyphs depicting animals, people, hunting scenes, everyday life.

Yurt camp becomes popular, attracting not only tourists from all over the world who come to see the world famous monuments of Uzbekistan. Employees of embassies and international organizations, joint ventures and their guests enjoy coming here to relax and unwind away from civilization your “weekend”. Many of them bring their children who are discovering another, unknown world.