Interesting places on the planet
  Bar 89 / new York, USA Unusual transparent bathroom stalls at Bar 89 are among the most erotic in new York. When a visitor enters the booth and pulls…

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The TOP 5 for those who are tired of kebabs: where to go on holidays in may
  In Samara finally established a long-awaited Sunny weather, so the barbecues, the holidays still manage to fry. But someone banal meat just tired, also ahead of the whole four…

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Wedding tours in Europe


Honeymooners who prefer to enjoy the achievements of civilization and a measure of love for the exotic, I want to hold a wedding ceremony on the background of impressive architectural structures, we offer wedding tours in Europe. Austria is One of the most romantic and beautiful countries in Europe can be called


It offers newlyweds a comfortable service and a great variety of subtle entertainment. Wedding tours to Austria will allow you to spend your honeymoon, visiting the great theatres of Vienna, the musical capital of the world, romantic castles and small towns. And all this against the backdrop of magnificent Alpine environment that inspires and reveals feelings.


Weddings in Greece are always popular due to the magnificent nature: the waves, the sand, the rocks. The most common areas are Halkidiki, Rhodes and Crete. The couple will not only be able to hold a wedding ceremony in Greece, but also to relax due to their developed infrastructure.


We offer great tours honeymoon in Iceland. Beautiful nature, majestic glaciers and powerful geysers will leave you an unforgettable experience of a honeymoon. Here you will be able to spend time alone with your loved one, admiring the historic and natural attractions. In addition, an excellent stay you provide geothermal resort “Blue lagoon”.


A visit to warm and Sunny Italy will give you many pleasant emotions. Every corner of this country is literally filled with love. Wedding tours to Italy will allow you to visit Rome with its monumental historical sights in romantic Venice, Verona, which is connected with one of the most tragic stories of love, or picturesque Sicily. Such a journey will leave no one indifferent.


What could be more romantic wedding ceremony in Cyprus on the coast from where the sea waves stepped the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Created family here, no doubt, will be strong. Our company provides you the opportunity to sign a truly strong Alliance, going on a wedding tour to Cyprus. Great climate, scenic views, comfortable hotel – everything here is literally created to fill hearts with tenderness and love.


Unspoiled nature of Slovenia provides the perfect conditions for wedding tours honeymoon. Ancient castles, colorful lake bled, Postojna cave, mountain, sea beaches of the Adriatic unparalleled scenery to start family life.


France and love the concept of a single number. Romantic place wedding for two abroad difficult to come up with. Here you will find all the conditions for this exceptional ceremony – class service to a huge number of beautiful places. Immediately after the ceremony you can explore the pretty Alpine villages of Provence or on the côte d’azur.

Czech Republic

One of the best places in Eastern Europe for an unforgettable wedding can be called the Czech Republic. The presence of historic castles, picturesque palaces, luxury hotels, elegant restaurants will allow you to realize any dream. The most popular destination wedding tours to the Czech Republic is Prague. Our company proposes to hold a symbolic wedding in the garden of the castle-Palace Pachtuv Palace.

The cost of this wedding tour starts from 1280$*.