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The largest lake in the world


All the continents of our Earth can be found lakes, both large and small, both artificial and natural. According to preliminary calculations, their number is about 5 thousand pieces. And now we will talk about the largest lake in the world and its features.

The largest lake in the world and its paradox

No matter how surprising and ironic as it may sound, but the largest lake in the world is the sea. Indeed, the Caspian sea, which is so named because of its enormous size (its area is over 370 thousand square kilometers), has no outlet to the ocean and not freshwater, and therefore are actually recognized by the lake.

By the way, the biggest lake boasts big depth: the maximum level reaches 1025 meters. Thus, it is smaller than lake Baikal is more than 600 meters. It is conditionally possible to say that this sea found 2 parts of the world: Asia and Europe . Its shores are washed by 5 countries.

The largest freshwater lakes in the world

If we consider the rating of: “The largest freshwater lake in the world “, is the leader lake superior. It is located on the border of Canada and the United States. It belongs to the Great lakes system. An interesting fact is that, even though the water here is very cold, it almost never freezes because of the large storms, which are constant on the lake.

Immediately behind him is lake Victoria, located at the junction of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Surprisingly, in each of these countries has its own name of this lake, although officially it is called that only in the 19th century in honor of Queen Victoria. Here the water level depends on precipitation and global warming in recent years it has receded very much.

About what’s the biggest lake in the world worth mentioning

Discuss about what’s the biggest lake in the world . it is impossible to do without the lake. Although it is not the largest area, but by Russian standards it ranked 2nd, and so on depth he has no equal. Moreover, it’s very huge tank with fresh water, which only exists in nature.