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Excursions in Khao Lak, Khao SOK on lake Cheo LAN


National Park Khao SOK is located in the province of Surat Thani. It covers an area of more than seven hundred square kilometers and is the largest in southern Thailand Park of virgin rain jungle. The richness and diversity of flora and fauna, it even surpasses the Amazon rainforest. The age of the unique ecosystem of Khao Juice more than 160 million years. Staying here will suit the whole family, as well as pregnant women, young children and the elderly. Silence, beauty, Garonne. The place is very energy: charges enegia, gives peace, clears the mind.

About the nature of Khao Juice

In Cao Juice vast tracts of tropical jungle are cut with fancy limestone cliffs, the depth of which hid a long maze of caves, in which there are more than 30 species of bats; the slopes of the mountains flows down the many rivers and waterfalls (many of the waterfalls can only be seen from may to November, during the season of monsoon rains); between the mountains is a picturesque plain, where the small population Kao Juice.

One of the main attractions of Khao Lak – lake Cheo LAN . In contrast to the surrounding jungle, his age is quite small – about 30 years. In 1982, there, on the banks of the river Pasing, a dam was built Ratchaprapha; during construction, was flooded next valley, the bottom of which there were two small settlements. The lake depth in some places reaches 150 meters. The tops of the karst mountains rise above the surface forming a fantastic landscape, which many may recall the film “Avatar”.

In the jungle of Khao Juice (away from human settlements) live wild elephants, Malayan bears, tapirs, leopards and tigers, dwarf deer, and Siamese king Cobra. If you will be nochevoy, in the morning, about between 5 and 6 a.m., will hear wonderful songs of the Gibbons that live in these forests. The air is filled with harmonious singing of tropical birds and insects, the number of which exceeds 300. Simultaneously, it is calm and quiet.

Where to stay?

If you decide to stay in Khao Juice for 2-3 days, definitely stay in exotic bungalows made of bamboo that is in the water. The complex usually consists of 5-6 houses that are kept afloat on the lake Cheo LAN. An unforgettable feeling of unity with nature – to Wake up in the middle of the lake, surrounded by centuries-old cliffs and tropical rainforest. If you are not willing to part with civilizatiei, hot shower and a solid concrete floor under your feet – you can remove bungle or a hotel room on land.

What to do?

Relax and let go of all negative thoughts. Let the state of your soul and nervous system will become as smooth and quiet as the surface of the water in this amazing lake Cheo LAN. Allow yourself a day to just stop, listen to yourself and your feelings, connect with the energy of nature Thailand. Enjoy the scenery, read a book, walk through the jungle, take a ride in a small boat on the lake in the sunset. There is no need to hurry. Here you will gain control over your emotions and balance, which helps with the inspiration to look to the future.

Our excursions:

Familiarity with Cao Varnish

One day tour to the national Park Khao Lak. The trip provides the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of Thailand. You will see fruit plantation, the turtle nursery, take a walk on bamboo rafts, take a refreshing dip in the waterfall, visit the tsunami Museum.

Cost . 1600 baht.

National Park Khao SOK and lake Cheo LAN

Similan Islands and the lost world

Trail the mòcheni: Surin and Khao SOK

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