The largest lake in the world
  All the continents of our Earth can be found lakes, both large and small, both artificial and natural. According to preliminary calculations, their number is about 5 thousand pieces.…

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The Plosky Tolbachik volcano formed a unique lake of lava
  Kamchatka now rushed more than usual scientists and tourists. A rare sight and the object of study gave them the volcano Flat Tolbachik. It formed a lake of lava.…

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The TOP 5 for those who are tired of kebabs: where to go on holidays in may


In Samara finally established a long-awaited Sunny weather, so the barbecues, the holidays still manage to fry. But someone banal meat just tired, also ahead of the whole four day weekend, which means you can not only relax in the country, but also to ride to interesting places of the Samara region. This is the second part of the review, with the first available public Pro Auto Samara Online.

The lake “Blue”

Perhaps the most beautiful lake in the Samara region, so named because of the crystal clear waters of its emerald-blue colour. Incidentally, the first time the lake was described Aksakov in the “Letters to parents sulphuric waters” in 1848.

…What a beauty. It is blue from refraction of rays in light of this sulfuric water. The lake or the pond — deep, say, to twenty fathoms and going down the funnel… But still more beautiful than herself steppe, mountains, and feather! What a luxury.

Sergius is in a district about 130 kilometers from Samara.

Krasnoyarsk Kremlin

This ancient fortress was built in 1732 . is, no matter how difficult to guess, in the Red Yar, approximately 30 km from Samara. Now it is clearly visible shaft of the fortress, and within is situated the football field.

Village Perevoloki

The narrow isthmus of Samarskaya Luka, a place where you can see the Volga from two sides. In former times it was used by the boatmen, as the boat was perevoloki ( hence the name ) along the ground and not go with Luka. Now doing so is that the fans Zhiguli circumnavigation and a couple of locals. Less beautiful but it doesn’t help! For lovers of long journeys, the Navigator shows 117 miles to the destination!

Stone bowl

For those who not only wants to ride in a car, but walk a couple of hours walk. To reach the village Shiryaevo ( as an option — makes it on the boat ), and then go about ten miles. Even more hardcore variant, because until the Shiryaevo have “to nag” good 143 kilometers! So it is necessary to leave early in the morning.

Tsarev Kurgan

Finally we left the closest place, but no less interesting — Tsarev Kurgan. The legend tells that this mound turned out, when the ruler of a medieval Empire, Tamerlane ordered to put on a stone for each killed warrior on the hill after the battle with the Tatar-Mongols. Now upstairs Tsarev Kurgan is the cross. The most interesting — to climb up the mountain! To go far, because the place is located in the city limits.