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  Description: During the tour, tourists will go along the main Buryat Holy places, will make a stop at Serge and Baris. The places you will see on this route,…

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Lake Toba
Toba — largest volcanic lake, beautifully situated in the crater of an ancient volcano. One day, a hundred thousand years ago, this volcano exploded — so much so that hundreds…

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The Lake in Bukovel – the largest artificial lake in Ukraine


This place in the Carpathian mountains deserve to be seen the most demanding travelers. Mountain region of Ukraine every year improving the infrastructure of tourist facilities, increasing, thereby, the influx of tourists and contributing to the development of the entire region.

The popular ski resort Bukovel in Ivano-Frankivsk region boasts a new artificial lake. Its construction has been spent 150 million hryvnia, which was for all of the resort’s biggest investment. Water depth reaches 8 meters width — 140 meters and the length is more than 750. Now the lake will go down in the list of local attractions.

Remarkable lake in Bukovel

An artificial lake in Bukovel can be proud of a real private beach with a length of over 2 km away. guests can count on comfort with sun loungers and parasols. Summer lovers of active recreation will enjoy the paddle boat rentals, water skiing, jet skis. Those wishing to scuba dive will be able to dive under the supervision of experienced instructors. The beach in Bukovel and offers extreme fun activities. For example, five minutes of wakeboarding will cost 100 UAH.

The resort assures that the safety of tourists made everything possible. A picturesque lake in Bukovel has all necessary for comfortable rest infrastructure, in continuous mode life guards. For special facilities, the bathing area and the location of the water rides are separate.

The biggest in Ukraine an artificial lake and in winter has an important function. Its water is taken for the production of snow that cover the ski slopes.

The lake of youth

Vacationers who already had time to swim in the lake this summer, talk about pure and warm water is so transparent that the bottom is clearly visible at a depth of several meters. Swimming in the lake fully restores strength, adds years to life. Over the pond in Bukovel called the lake of youth.

The Miracle Of The Carpathians

It is impossible not to take into account the unique nature of the Carpathians surrounding the pond. Densely forested mountains, ancient pines reflected in the water blue sky leave a lasting impression. The lake’s name is a real wonder of the Carpathians, where you can relax at any time of the year. Autumn in Bukovel especially colorful. In autumn there are many mushrooms, and the air is clean and transparent, as the waters of newfound lake.