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Our rest in Russia! Mysterious caves of Kungur


I want to share my unforgettable impressions of your holiday and from those magical places that I have visited! During this special “THANK you” to brother )

I’m sure many now think that I want to talk about some exotic country… and here and there ))) I was vacationing in the distant corners of Russia! And in no way disappointed!

I’ve never understood those people who talk about England with exaggeration, unjustly mocking holiday in Russia. And how many of you have vacationed in other cities of our homeland? I am sure that a lot of vacationers do not… sorry, foreign resorts are in high demand, and our country, we don’t know.

It is as though paradoxical did not sound, but in Russia come a lot of foreigners. And it’s not like the foreigners who come to work. Among unfamiliar dialects we recognized people from Germany, Japan, Italy… there is something to ponder.

I want to share with you my discovery – the town of Kungur, which is located in Perm Krai, 90 km South-East of the city of Perm. Officially founded in 1663, and since 1970 is a historical city of Russia. Residents called kungarakany.

The city received wide popularity thanks to a unique ice cave, which I’ll discuss in detail.

Ice cave is a unique geological monument, one of the largest karst caves in European part of Russia, seventh gypsum cave in the world in extent. The length of the cave is about 5700 m, of which 1.5 km are equipped for visits by tourists. The average temperature in the center of the cave +5 °C, relative humidity in the center of the cave is 100 %. Kungur cave contains 58 caves, 70 lakes and 146 so-called “organ pipes” (the highest — in the grotto Ethereal, 22 m) — high mines, reaching almost to the surface.

For the first time in 1703 was made a plan of the cave!

Zhudko is already approaching the gate to the cave… Because consciously go underground, no cell phone reception and tons of rocks, nothing is fixed over the heads of tourists, not everyone will dare.

Tourists come here not for the first time, it was clear from their preparation in terms of clothing: warm sweaters and jackets, gloves, hats and boots. From the outside it seems a little strange and even comical to observe people who in 35 degree heat in all their gear waiting for their turn to visit the tour underground.

Coming closer to the gate I felt the cold breath of the cave. Yeah and I was dressed quite easily.

Inside was really cool, but scenic views to distract from the sensation of cold.

Astonishingly Krasti stalagmite and stalactite.

The entire cave sparkled with crystals of transparent ice.

The paths were narrow, sometimes slippery, and the ceilings in some hallways were very low. Therefore, to lose vigilance.

And the conductors were not allowed to fall behind, driving tourists, turning off the last light… the Feeling is not pleasant. Because it is absolute darkness, about this usually say “let loose”. Therefore all hurried forward to pressing ahead panaram.

Filming and photographing inside was prohibited, so I had to photograph bisto and your phone’s camera (I apologize in advance for the photo quality).

The most interesting thing we expected in the middle of the road – this is a laser show. An indescribable sight: our group of 20 people gathered in a large Playground of one of the corridor of the cave, turned off the light… Amazing how completely alien and strange to each other people in seconds can become like family, everyone tried to make conversation, to take the hand, touch the other person. The General excitement was quickly replaced by the excitement of laser beams and three-dimensional figures, which came from somewhere. It was the feeling of flying in space!

The tour lasted 2 hours. During this time we saw a beautiful lake with clear water, so transparent that not many people have realized that they face a deep lake, not gorge; in these waters scientists have discovered has not been studied animals resembling crustaceans; we saw a tree that was cut down and dressed for the new year and is already more than two years without dropping a single needle so the explanation is simple – in the cave there is no carbon dioxide.

Along the way we breathed pure oxygen. Coming out of the cave lay in wait for us another surprise! I personally felt like the smell from each flower and leaf… as Much as I felt a bit dizzy, so unpleasant smells on the planet ))) I was not alone in his feelings. Now I know why children cry at birth, making his first breath!