Rest in Yurt camp "Aydar"
  Yurt camp "Aydar" is situated 7 km from the Western coast of Aydarkul lake, near lost in the Sands of the village of Dongelek. It is an oasis in…

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What to see in Switzerland
  Locks Switzerland is a country with a rich historical past. Wherever you were, be sure there are something from ancient times. First and foremost is, of course, castles. They…

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The Prefecture with amazing nature, hot springs “Onsen”, picturesque landscape and countless possibilities for outdoor activities. Prosperous in the region sericulture has given the development of weaving and the objects included in the heritage list of UNESCO.

Gunma Prefecture is located to the Northwest of the Kanto plains and is famous for several hot springs that are popular with tourists all year round. Kusatsu Onsen known for the dance Umami (which means “vortices hot spring”) and Yubatake (“box with hot water”). In the hot spring bath BBQ Ikaho along the stone stairs in orderly rows there are souvenir shops and hotels. The peaceful atmosphere of the hot spring, Shima Onsen attracts those tourists who love to relax in a quiet atmosphere. The hot spring complex Minakami Onsen offers not only the treatment of thermal waters, but also active rest.

In the Prefecture was once widespread silkworm breeding, and due to the construction of the silk factory in Tomioka town Kiryu and Isezaki developed. Gunma is also famous for its picturesque scenery. Next to the neighboring prefectures of Niigata, Fukushima and Tochigi is the marshland of Ozegahara. Ugama — this is a volcanic lake at mount Kusatsu-Shirane with unique turquoise water. Majestic mount Tanigawa is equipped with a cable car leading to its top. And from the window of the panoramic train offers amazing views of the valley Watarase.

Each Prefecture is not only the emblem of the flag, and a mascot (or as we now often say – the mascot). The mascot of Gunma Prefecture-Gunma-Chan — adorable yellow pony in a green cap. The toys biography and history.

During the civil wars in these lands grew Lou Cseh in Japan of horses, it makes the region and has received the name “gum”, “herd”. But if a European knight’s own horse was in the order of things, the majority of samurai were left walking. Horses on the Islands was not enough, because cost and valued they are much higher than on the continent. It is no wonder that the mascot of the Prefecture became a pony Gunma-Chan. His portraits are everywhere: on Souvenirs and products, cars trains and road barriers in all local events and celebrations.