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Turquoise lake yamdrok TSO


The beautiful lake yamdrok TSO is one of the four Holy lakes of Tibet together with the “heavenly” lake, Us TSO, a lake of oracles Lhamo La TSO, on the banks of which the monks are visions about the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama, and lake Manasarovar in the Kailasa. Tibetans do Kora, a ritual circumambulation around the lake clockwise, with a gain in the tank water, which is considered curative.

On the hill you can see passed the veil of cloud tea house – most of the tour groups stop there and takes the same shots from the same angles. Even compared to my previous trip in 2012 which I do not remember, now not often met. Used only in base camp of Everest was equipped with a specific platform, but there the reasons are obvious.

Eyes open landscape of the CAMBA La pass (4794 m) is breathtaking. Blue-green waters of the yamdrok TSO Shine in the sun, in the distance are mountain peaks

The beauty of the yamdrok TSO should just quietly enjoy alone. So we did, down close to the water, passing before a shepherd with his flock. Every thought of his, without taking his eyes off the stunning beauty of the lake.

However,not all so rosy as it seems. The Chinese about 30 years ago built on the banks of the yamdrok TSO hydroelectric power plant, supplying electricity to the region, causing the water level in the sacred lake decreases. And according to ancient legend, Tibet will become uninhabitable when the yamdrok dry.

The yamdrok TSO (“TSO” is Tibetan for lake) spilled at an altitude of 4488 meters and has a complex elongated shape with many branches that even compare with the body of a Scorpion. It’s time to leave the wonderful coastlines of the sleeve, where we stayed, and to go further in the direction of Gyantse.

Gradually gain height and soon will rise above 5000 m. in field of vision appear the snowy peaks.

Soon drove up to the pass the Karo La (5045 m), near which glaciers descend very close to the road. The Chinese have recently concreted there is a viewing platform and cut the yuan stops from all tourist jeeps and buses. Our guide June was warned about this fact, and the sense to stop. We drove a little further behind the pass and made their frames covered with the clouds of the glacier.

Seemingly banal mountain landscape, you already hundreds. Why get another one? But the cones and pyramids overgrown with fine grass rugged mountains, floating in the blue sky clouds often get stuck on the tops of these mountains stretching into the distance curves of the valleys, garlands of prayer flags fluttering from the gusts of the relentless wind. And once again you just press the shutter button.

To re-shoot the next frame I wanted with 2010, when just started photography with my first DSLR, nothing considering the shutter speed and aperture, went the first time to Tibet. Deep turquoise, and even almost emerald color of this sleeve yamdrok TSO impress anyone who sees it with my own eyes. After the publication of the images usually are immediately the questions arise: “This is a real color or are you negatoscopes?” This can compare with my 5 tear old images ago.

On the island are visible the ruins of an ancient monastery, and it seems that by a narrow isthmus, you can move to the island and explore.

Awesome place! You can endlessly to find the name of the color: turquoise, emerald, and dark pistachio, and instagram even compared with mint milk.


After shooting drew to distract from the beauty of the lake and for a moment to look at the sun, and there is a unique optical phenomenon – a halo. ‘ve seen it in Tibet several times. To see the halo is considered a good sign in the journey or pilgrimage. We all still went according to plan.

Next route was listed the city of Gyantse, remarkable old monastery Pelkhor Chode and kumbum stupa, where in 2010 I didn’t have enough time for a full inspection of all rooms. This time I saw much more, but still had to move almost at a run. Keep it locked!

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