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Ergaki Ridge


Ergaki – the mountain range located in the natural Park Ergaki in the South of Krasnoyarsk region. The Ergaki ridge this is a mountain range multi-directional spurs. The individual peaks have a very bizarre shape and the sonorous names of the Star (the main peak Ergakov), Bird, Sail, Dragon Tooth, Parabola, Mirror, Youth, etc.

The uniqueness and the special charm of the Ergaki give beautiful lakes, mostly of glacial origin. The largest of the local lakes – Bright, Large and a Large Babinskoe Bezrybe.

No glaciers are compensated with breathtaking mountain views. Dense cedar taiga is adjacent to the spectacular rocky cliffs and roaring waterfalls, and the water in the lakes so transparent that it seems his hand will touch the bottom. But the depth is decent.

The Ergaki ridge has a nice feature – a surprising asymmetry.

To impregnable-looking rock on the reverse side is quite available path. And pass, where you can relax out on the grass for 20 minutes, suddenly dropped a stone down a harsh slope with traces of rock falls.

Card of mountain range Ergaki is undoubtedly the Parabola pass (1750 m), similar to the corresponding curve. From the saddle of the pass you can easily climb the North peak, called Big Brother.


How to get there. To travel by train to Abakan, capital of Khakassia or airplane. From Abakan the route M-54. The distance to the ridge is about 190 km, travel time by car is 2.5 hours. Buses from Abakan to Kyzyl depart daily from the square near the railway station. Hence, it is possible to leave and on kizilsky taxi. In the summer, especially for tourists run “Gazelle”. By prior arrangement the tour will pick back right off the track.

You can stay at one of the hotels of Abakan. You can just go in some day and stay there at the camp site, after registering in the Ministry of emergency situations. In Abakan at least two dozen of establishments where you can eat pretty well. Available cuisine, Russian, Khakas, European, Italian, Japanese and Irish.

Khakas cuisine is primarily pizlo, talgan, patchy, Myung and hyma. These are the most famous national dishes, which are analogues of the usual cheese, biscuits, porridge, broth and sausage. The national drink is ayran. Popular lamb dishes. During the stay at the camp site about nutrition visitors need to take care of yourself.

The tourist season

The mountain range Ergaki is good because you can come here without having the experience of not only climbing, but even a special tour victories behind. In Ergaki there are many with family, children, friends. A lot of the local mountain passes (categories 1-A – 1-B) allow to plan a fairly easy mountain routes. And here everything is rather compact – for one day it is possible to visit two or even three passes.

Be sure to visit the lake of Artists. Here beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, the pass of the Parabola. Very close to the noise the waterfall. There is convenient Parking. But the wood need to be taken care of in advance. By the way, the Parabola is the shortest path from the lake Artists lake of Mountain Spirits.

The lake of Mountain Spirits – another business Ergakov. Beautiful Cirque with views of the peaks of the Bird and Star. Near a picturesque waterfall. You can look at the legendary hut’s “Dream”, located at 10 min of recovery from the lake of Artists. This attraction for nearly 40 years. However, in recent years, she went from grief-tourists.