Putian, city of - China - Fujian province
Putian city lies on the grounds of Fujian province in China. Urban district of the same name covers the area between Quanzhou and Fuzhou and is located in the Central…

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Hope for all those who fell into the lake of fire
  In hell God's love manifests itself as fire, as light in heaven. The second death is the separation of the soul and God, then in the lake of fire…

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This famous resort in Turkey is on the Mediterranean sea. He is among the three largest in the region, second only to Antalya and Alanya. Manavgat is called one of the most beautiful areas of Turkey. The city divides into two halves deep river. According to the Chronicles, one of the first settlements on the territory of Manavgat was founded in the 14th century, another hundred years Manavgat became part of the Ottoman Empire.

The climate in Manavgat Mediterranean, so it is possible from may to October. The nature resort is truly unique: a lot of pine forests, lush flora, great in might, caves, beautiful lakes with crystal clear water, clean sandy beaches. The travelers decided to rest in Manavgat, making it a Paradise.

Manavgat Waterfall

Three kilometers from the town is the waterfall of the same name. Streams of water falling down from just two metres. However, the waterfall is an unusual width, which is almost forty meters. The place is very beautiful and popular among tourists, so near the falls the locals have organized a business: here you can buy Souvenirs, go on a boat trip, eat out, etc.

The Mosque Of Manavgat

It is called Merkez Camii Külliye. The mosque is the largest on the coast. The complex of buildings is very unusual, it is made in Islamic style. The structure consists of four minarets and Central dome and small domes, of which there are 27. In the center of the Mosque is a place of ablution, which is a reservoir for water in the form of a huge stone flower.

Still, tourists should visit the ruins of the ancient city of side. Surprisingly, there are well preserved structures such as Roman theatre, the city walls and ancient temple dedicated to the God Apollo.

Another attraction Manavgat local Bazaar. There for shopping in a hurry not only locals but also tourists. On the market you can buy fruits, authentic Turkish tea, homemade olive oil and spices. Even travellers cheap will offer you to buy quality clothes made of cotton and leather, shoes, jewelry, and ceramics.