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Amazing lake Natron.


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Amazing lake Natron

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 00:01 + in a quotation collection

Lake called lake Natron is located in Tanzania, near the Kenyan border, to the North-East of Ngorongoro crater (Ngorongoro), in the Eastern branch of the East African rift valley (Great Rift Valley). Nestled between the huge volcanic hills and deep craters, lake Natron is the lowest point of the rift valley 600 metres above sea level and is considered one of the most corrosive waters in the world.

There is a legend that in ancient times the place of the mythical Gorgon could turn any living creature to stone just by looking at him.

Many of us may think that this lake is really a cursed place, but it is not so. Such mystery and mystery is given to it under its waters substances. The lake has a fairly small depth, which varies within three meters. Due to the hot weather the water can easily reach 60 degrees. Lake natron is characterized by the presence of a large amount of soda, lime and salt in his water. All of these components together are transformed into amazing sculptures, such as those that create hard work by many famous sculptors of the world.

Unfortunately, animals and birds, once in the water the lake, can’t survive. A photographer named Nick Brandt was able to assemble a collection of amazing shots which show the animals in the form of a petrified sculpture. This kind of photography made Brandt a true celebrity.

It should be noted that the lake has a rich red color that indicates the high level of evaporation in it. High water temperature in the lake is the main reason that fauna is non-existent here.

But despite this, such conditions are quite acceptable for the habitat of flamingos, as well as fish and invertebrate organisms that can live in this water space. For flamingos lake Natron and its surrounding areas are ideal and safe place for breeding.

All who were lucky enough to see this beautiful and at the same time, unusual place, will remember it, thanks to its magnificent landscapes, of which there are many. Those people who were able to visit close to this wonderful town say that this trip really worth it to implement it and to get acquainted with a remarkable and unique lake Natron.