Natural gem of Volyn region – lake Svityaz
  Volyn is famous for its extraordinary nature. There are more than 180 nature reserves, including 5 reserves. This is a magical land of dense forests and untamed animals. It…

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Braslav lakes, prices on vacation in Braslaw
Rest in Belarus on the lakes will definitely appeal to those who appreciate the beauty of nature. Natural and pure air of this place attract tourists from large cities, tired…

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Families with children in Abkhazia, summer. Hotels for kids pictures


To spend your summer holiday in Abkhazia will be the right decision for those who appreciates high quality at a reasonable price. Here mild Maritime climate, mountainous terrain, friendly open atmosphere. A variety of recreation for any tourist will give a unique relief – and pebble beaches and mountain rivers and caves, and Colchic forest. For accommodation you can choose a room in a hotel or boarding house it is a house in the private sector. The main cities for tourists in Abkhazia is Sukhumi, Pitsunda, Gagra, Gudauta, New Athos.

If you are traveling with a child, be sure to visit Pitsunda. In a mild Maritime climate, the purest water in the entire basin of the Black sea, tree-lined avenues, cypresses. A wonderful vacation spot for the whole family will be the city of Gagra, surrounded by mountains. Evergreen parks make you feel cool even on the hottest days, especially when you rest with small children. In the Old part of the city you can see monuments and colorful architecture. The new part of the recently built and designed for tourists. On its territory you will find a water Park, market and other entertainments for the guests. The capital of Abkhazia Sukhumi is rich in monuments architects and historic sites. Pay attention to the Sukhum fortress. As interesting a well-known lake Ritsa, located on the shore of which the cottage of Stalin and Brezhnev.

Abkhazia is renowned for its Spa treatment. The region has long been considered one of the best Wellness centers. Professionals work in different directions and treating both physiological and psychological ailments. For Spa treatment is better to choose autumn or spring, because the climate at this time of year is still warm, soft, but prices are lower in summer.

It is worth noting that the Black sea is ideal for families with children. Because of the relatively small size, are not formed here, big waves, and in summer mostly light winds, dangerous sea creatures virtually no, the water is soft due to slight salinity and does not irritate the eyes.

Abkhazia is a country with a unique culture, local colour and ancient history. All this combined with beautiful nature, mild climate and clear waters will bring you and your little companions an unforgettable experience and you will definitely come back. This soulful edge of hospitality.