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The Category of Natural phenomena. Hydrosphere. The lake of icebergs. Sarez lake


Iceberg lake is located in Central Tien Shan, near the summit of Khan Tengri at a height of over 3,300 meters. It’s pretty big: length about four and a width of two kilometers. Surrounding the lake, the glaciers, as sentinels, guarding the path to the top proud. Their walls are so cool and steep that they are almost insurmountable obstacle for climbers. Unique lake filled with icebergs like a polar sea.

One of the travelers who visited the lake and wrote: “Icebergs, sparkling in the rays of the southern sun, were floating in the water. Ice castles and towers, covered with snow and burning sun with myriads of snow crystals, translucent caves on the surface of icebergs, hanging stalactites, playing all colors of the rainbow, created a fantastic impression. “. Some of the ice rise above the water by 10-15 feet, making the large depth of the lake. Icebergs are born, chipping or peeling from the glacier Northern Inylchek river, which descends to the lake at the bottom of the gorge.

But the amazing thing is that fall and winter water in the lake is not. It turned out that with the onset of heat one of which descends to the lake of glaciers of the Northern Inylchek river begins to drop into the valley melt water. At this time the lower end of the basin is covered by another glacier — South Inylchek. In late summer, the pressure of the incoming water in the lake is so big that she breaks through to melt the ice dam and in two weeks the whole valley is devastated. With the onset of cold weather destroyed bridge clogged with ice, and in its place formed a dam.

The Sarez lake

The Murgab river flowed for centuries, foaming waterfalls and rapids through steep gorge at the foot of the Pamir mountain range of the Muzkol. But on a February night in 1911 the slopes of the ridge was shaken by a powerful quake. The earthquake from the right side of the gorge broke away a giant rock and fell down into the valley, after covering her for over eight kilometres. The height of the dam reached seven hundred meters — the height of a 200-storey building! In the valley of the Murghab river fell then more than two billion cubic meters of rock chips, completely filled up at the bottom was a small village — the village of Usoy. The Usoi landslide is considered the greatest scope of all that happened on earth.

The water of the river, stopped, formed a natural dam, began to accumulate behind her, filling the Wadi. So there was the youngest on our planet mountain lake. It grew very quickly, and already through a floor of year the flooding is located twenty kilometers above the dam the village Sarez. The inhabitants thereof, even before it could harvest from their gardens, left home and moved to a new location. As the village disappeared in the waters of the lake, which in memory of him called Sarez.

Now the lake is stretched in length by sixty miles, and its depth exceeded five hundred meters. The height of the water of Sarez above sea level is 3240 meters. Of the major bodies in the world, few can compete with the Pamir lake in this respect. But the amazing thing is that below the dam of the Murghab. disappears. High dam is not visible at the bottom of no water flow. Waters of the river seep, as if filtered through the body of the dam and for seven miles below the dam flow below ground, in the gravel deposits at the bottom of the gorge. Then they make their way to the surface abundant springs, which merge to revive the Murghab.