Famous lake on the planet
  The great lakes of North America - Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario - with their connecting channels form the largest freshwater system on Earth. Their total area exceeds…

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Multi-Colored lake Kelimutu and ende town
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Briefly about Israel: a few interesting facts


The rules of entry into the country. For travel to Israel for citizens of Ukraine, Georgia and Russia visa-free regime. Allowed to visit Israel for no more than 90 days in half a year. The visit to the Embassy to obtain a visa prior to travel is required. During a visit to Israel the decision on the entry into the country was adopted by the border guard services. With CIS countries with a visa regime, our company assists in obtaining visas. Cases, the refusal was not because the purpose of the trip is medical care. All visitors should have a return ticket and invitation from our company.

5 facts about the country:

Israel is a unique state having on its territory the hot deserts, plantations with delicious fruits, colorful lakes. At the same time, Israel is washed by three seas: the Dead, Red and Mediterranean.

Israel holds 1 place in the number of scientific papers per capita (109 per 10,000 people). With limited natural resources, for a half century the state has become the strongest world economy. Israel ranked first among Middle East countries in terms of life. Meanwhile, annual income per person in Israel more than in the UK.

Israel is the only country in the world that entered the twenty-first century with the steadily expanding territories of green plantings. This fact is especially remarkable in that it occurs in a climate zone, which is considered a desert.

Israel ranks third in the world in terms of entrepreneurship development and the first on the participation of women and people over 55.

Israel ranks first in the world with such a specific but important indicator, as the survival of cancer patients. Medicine of the country is among the five strongest in the world.

The geographical position and climatic features of the country is unique: Israel is and exhausted by the desert sun, and bursting with greenery, fruit orchards, and the unique beauty of the lake. Thanks to beautifully arranged beaches and the availability of health centers at the coasts of the red, Mediterranean and Dead seas, the influx of tourists does not stop all year round.

Israel is a country of scientists and talented people. It ranks first among the world countries by number of scientific papers (109 papers per 10 thousand of population). Natural resources are very limited, but this did not prevent Israel for 50 years to become a state with developed economy. The standard of living in the country is higher than in any of the middle Eastern countries, and the average income of an Israeli in a year higher than in the UK.

Despite the dry climate and the dominance of deserts in Israel, the citizens are constantly engaged in expanding areas with green spaces. This gave the state the right to be called the only country in the world where in the twenty-first century there has been a steady increase in the area with lush green vegetation in the desert area.

The Israeli population actively engaged in entrepreneurial activity, which is reflected in global indicators: the country has the third highest level of small business development. It is noteworthy that in business women are actively involved and the citizens whose age is more than 55 years.

A high percentage of survival in patients with cancer – still one of the most important indicators, indicating the presence of a developed medicine in the country. Scientific achievements and successes in treatment have enabled Israel to have the status of one of the five countries with the strongest medicine.