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Multi-Colored lake Kelimutu and ende town


Arriving in ende, we hired at the airport the jeep and moved to the village of Moni, which cost us 320,000 rupees (40 $). At the Western forums write that they paid half a million, so we left not expensive, especially for such a decent transport. I think there will be cheaper if you negotiate with the hotel in which you are going to stay, for a meeting, so we were taken back for just 200000. The journey takes an hour and a half.

In Moni all going to see one of the wonders of light – colored volcanic lakes of Kelimutu.

Usually the ascent to the lakes starts in the morning the next day. The first attempt to overcome the volcano was taken at 4 am, I wanted to meet dawn at the lakes, but it was raining, and I decided it was better to wait. Three foreigners, however, went on mopeds there and soon returned wet to the skin, having covered half of the road. For me still it remains a mystery why they didn’t hire the minibus, it would have been cheaper than three separate scooters with drivers, and more comfortable. In the end, they were able to join us, we had a minivan and, as a consequence, a lot of free space. I have the feeling that these foreigners are very bad at math, they like to save, but do not know how. An illustrative example, we flew together, one an Austrian and at the airport I asked him to go to Moni together, splitting the cost of a car for three (the two of us and he is), but he refused, went to the bus station and arrived at our hotel two hours later than us, while spending more than if you went with us.

By morning, thank God it was cleared up and by the time we arrived to the volcano, nothing was reminded of the night shower. From the bus stop to craters paved path, it takes about 15 minutes.

A view from the first lookout:

Kelimutu is a volcano on the Indonesian island of Flores a height of 1639 m. From three crater lakes, each of which has a different colour, Kelimutu is a popular tourist attraction. The last known eruption took place in 1968.

The three lakes of Kelimutu, in which are dissolved various minerals for several years change their colour from black to turquoise, red-brown or green. The lake in the West of the volcano is called the Resource-ATA-Bupu (lake of old people), the other two are called the Resource-LSA-Muri-Koog-tai (lake boys and girls) and the Resource-ATA Polo (enchanted lake).

Locals from the village of Moni, located at the foot of the volcano, believe that the souls of the dead go to these lakes and the change of color means that they are angry. From the village you can climb the volcano for three hours or drive to the top on BEMO on a very winding road-serpentine.

On the highest point built the pyramid, it is customary to greet the sunrise. The view from the pyramids:

The pyramid is decorated with reliefs depicting the lakes and village life:

One of the information panels shows how to change the color of the lakes from year to year. Once they were actually in three different colors:

Now the first two lakes almost do not differ from each other in color:

Stunning views, isn’t it?