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The Lake Paravani is the largest lake of Georgia


Paravani is the largest lake in Georgia. It is situated in the historic region of Samtskhe-Javakheti between Gavajski and Samara mountain ranges in the South of Georgia.

The height of the lake above sea level is more than 2 thousand meters. The area is 38 km2. The maximum depth of the lake is small – 3.3 meters. The amount of water in the lake is 91 million m3.

The climate in this harsh terrain. From mid-autumn to mid-spring frosts are here. In winter the lake is covered in ice, the thickness of which is typically 60-70 cm.

About the lake Paravani

The lake is surrounded by incredibly beautiful Alpine meadows – the real pride of this region. Here are most beautiful in spring when all the plants bloom. Blue, red, and yellow paints they shimmer in the sunlight.

Soft green grass leads to walk on it barefooted, and the white fluffy clouds take the most unusual forms. There is an atmosphere of peace and harmony, you want to stay in this beautiful place for as long as possible.

Recently it was decided to make the lake and surrounding areas area of environmental tourism. Lakeside plans to plant about 5 thousand pine trees (the only tree able to withstand severe climate). So, soon the area around the lake will be decorated with wonderful pine forest.

Mystery of the lake

The lake holds within itself the mysterious and enigmatic history. Divers found at the bottom of the lake is an extraordinary building with a total area of 900 m2 which is very interested archaeologists.

Found the design very a lot of time studying specialists from different fields of knowledge. The work of scientists has been combined in the project, which is named after the lake – “Paravani”. The project Manager was the teacher of Tbilisi state University, Professor Vakhtang Licheli.

After lengthy joint work of scientists agreed that the lake bottom was found the burial mound of the bronze age. During the study it was discovered and brought to the surface a lot of kitchen and household items, utensils, vessels of different shapes and sizes and much more. After research, it was determined that these artifacts date to the IV century BC

But the study of the bottom of the lake is not over. The burial was found a corridor that led into the center of the mound. There with the help of the excavations was found a large amount of different everyday objects, among which ceramic painted pottery. Utensils for many centuries spent underwater, almost not deteriorated, it talks about skillful manufacture.

The oldest objects found at the bottom of the lake, belong to the II Millennium BC

The researchers concluded that these items belonged to a highly cultured people. But one important question still remains unanswered: how did this building with all household items under water? Scientists suggest that in those days the lake was much smaller, but due to some natural event, the water level has increased dramatically, and the lake flooded its banks. Scientists hope that someday they will find the answer to this question.

Lake Paravani attracts fascination and mystery. Beautiful lake in combination with the bright colors of Alpine meadows appease, allowing you to feel in harmony with nature. Lake Paravani is a true gem of Georgia. Visit this wonderful place and unforgettable experience will remain in your heart.