Fishing on lake Baikal
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The Lake Saimaa
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Natural gem of Volyn region – lake Svityaz


Volyn is famous for its extraordinary nature. There are more than 180 nature reserves, including 5 reserves. This is a magical land of dense forests and untamed animals. It is home to spotted deer and wild boar, moose and bison, foxes, weasels. Nesting swans, storks, types of cranes, which are listed in the Red book. Among more than 800 names of flora, 29 – on the verge of extinction and are protected in national parks.

Beautiful blue-eyed Volyn consists of 224 lakes and 130 rivers, which is recognized as the purest in Europe. In the field of the most famous lakes are located in Shatsky national nature reserve: Svityaz, Sand, Pulemetske, Krymne, Ostrovenskoe, Peremout.

In Volhynia honored folk traditions and rituals. The region has enriched the world Treasury of historical sights of the famous ancient castles, fortresses, palaces, monasteries and temples. Among them the most famous are the castles of the princes Radzivill family and the Duke of Westminster. Mystical Klevan and Ostrog castle, the romantic ruins of the castle Rubcovskaja.

Not by chance earth, which is riddled with echoes of the glorious historical events of the ancient fights for freedom and the ancient legends, brought up the famous Ukrainian poetess Lesia Ukrainka. It was here that she heard stories about mermaids, nymphs and goblins. Mysterious stories about spirits Polesie forests formed the basis of her “forest song”.

The famous poet Adam Mickiewicz, walks along the picturesque shores of lake Svityaz with his lover Marila by Verasamy, wrote the romantic ballad “Svityazanka” and “Svityaz”. According to a local legend earlier this place was the city of Svityaz. But one day, when a hostile army approached the walls of the city, a miracle happened. Hiding from the enemy, the town sank into the water. And all the people turned into flowers, called “kings”. Since then, every spring these beautiful flowers bloom, reminding us of the young men and women have gone under water.

One of the seven wonders of Ukraine

For the uniqueness and healing properties of water Svityaz called one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. The people gave him the name of the second lake Baikal. The lake, situated in the North-Western Volhynia – the largest and deepest in the country. The length of its coastline is 30-km area of 2750 ha. and the maximum depth reaches 60 m. It is part of the Shatsky lakes, which are of glacial origin with elements of karst cavities and the age of about 10 thousand years. In the lake is not no river flows, and it is fed by underground springs the strongest. The lake has water so clean that in Sunny weather, the bottom is visible up to 8 meters in depth. The healing properties of water due to a high content of silver, glycerin, therapeutic clay, iodine and many trace elements.

Bathing in clean water, mask of healing clay, tan on the shores of lake contribute to the healing of the body. A true delight that will be appreciated by a lot of tourists to admire the beauty of pristine nature, to wander the shores of Shatsk lakes or forest paths of Shatsk nature reserve.

Fishing attracts a large number of carp, carp, pike, catfish, roach, and crayfish found in the lake. But the greatest delicacy is considered the eel, which here is found in abundance.

The majestic scenery, the beautiful scenery of the lake, the healing water, the air of coniferous forests, interesting excursions, evening campfires will fill travelers with new strength and energy. The desire not just to visit these amazing places.