Amazing lake Natron.
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Lake Toba
Toba — largest volcanic lake, beautifully situated in the crater of an ancient volcano. One day, a hundred thousand years ago, this volcano exploded — so much so that hundreds…

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Lakes of Italy – a luxury holiday on the coast


Not all know that the holidays on the lakes of Italy, considered more prestigious holiday on the coast, this type of recreation is more preferred. Italian lakes: Como, Maggiore, Garda – places with stunning nature and lots of attractions. Let’s start with the biggest lake in Italy, covering an area of three hundred seventy square kilometers of lake Garda. This place from times immemorial attracted not only travelers but also artists, inspiring them to works of genius. Since ancient times the rich Roman aristocrats built their summer residences here, some of which still stand, such as Villa of the poet named Gaius Valerius Catullus, located in Sirmione. If you consider yourself to be lovers of ancient ruins, be sure to see this building. In his Three centuries are exhibited things that archaeologists find during excavations. The lake is famous for its castle of the dynasty of the famous Verona family Scaliger, though the building is somewhat gloomy, but perfectly preserved, by the way, its medieval walls, it resembles our Moscow Kremlin, particularly the teeth in the form of a dovetail. Not only lovers of history like a holiday on lake Garda, this resort in Italy is a popular place of family rest and rest with children. Children and teenagers will enjoy the entertainment complex Gardaland located in Castelnuovo del Garda, it is just huge, there’s a water Park, aquariums with exotic fish species, filled with imitation coral reef. North of lake Garda is famous for its lemon orchards, even a small town, dubbed in part of this citrus – Lemon. According to the legend, the lemons began to grow St. Francis. Residents were accustomed to prepare raznoobraznye dishes with the lemons that you will be surprised by their diversity: there are cakes, and sauces, and Limoncello is a famous Italian liqueur that tourists buying at the airport duty free on the memory of the trip.

One of the lakes of Italy is very similar to the majestic landscapes of the Norwegian fjords – Como. The lake is the deepest in Europe, and he has a very unusual shape, acquired as a result of glacier movement. Many newlyweds prefer to spend their honeymoon on the shores of lake Como – the most romantic lake of Italy. Because here you can easily find wonderful places for romantic privacy, with no less ease to arrange a lavish celebration. Not spared this trend and famous people, such as Franz Liszt brought to honeymoon here his young wife Marie Catherine, in the Renaissance there were married the Grand Duke D’este. Remarkable place in the area of lake Como is the village of Magreglio, situated at an altitude of eight hundred metres above sea level, it is located close to Bellagio, here come the fans of Cycling worldwide. Special attention is given to the local Church, which was built in honor of the Madonna del Ghisallo recognized as the patroness of cyclists. Here, directly under the Holy arches are bicycles of various types, hung commemorative pennants, t-shirts of famous racers on bikes. Unconditional attraction of lake Como – beautiful villas, preserved since the Roman times. The most famous Villa D’este – which is both the most expensive hotels in the world. Guides show travelers Villa Serbelloni, built in the 16th century and tells the story associated with this building. The Roman writer Pliny the Elder decided to build two villas, calling them “Comedy” and “Tragedy”, they both sank into centuries, but a rich aristocrat of the sixteenth century, when it was decided to build a Villa “Tragedy” again, however, the name she had a new. It was very majestic and beautiful, and all these centuries so and would lure to his celebrities and even royalty, not shunning to rest here a few days, there have been Leonardo da Vinci, who loved to stroll through its elegant gardens, and yet there was Queen Victoria. Villa Serbelloni is a place of pilgrimage composers, writers, movie stars, singers in the world, seeking peace and solitude. Before owning their own houses in the area, here are constantly stay in designated apartments Madonna, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone. Another interesting fact about lake Como – there was filmed “Star wars. Episode 2”, “Casino “Royal”, “12 ocean’s” You can make the cruise in Como on the ferry, and seeing the stunning views around, won’t be so drawn to these places of movie Directors.

Lago Maggiore is the most beautiful lake of Italy, in translation “big lake “. Not only big, but also stunningly beautiful. Its coastal hills are smothered in rhododendrons, palm trees and cypress trees and the air scented of flowering camellias and azaleas. Start your holiday on lake Maggiore with a tour of the Botanical gardens. The most famous garden on the island Madre. It was built in the 17th century, it is famous for an extensive collection of rare plants and exotic birds. Near the town of Stresa, at an altitude of eight hundred metres above sea level, there is a Park Alpinia, be sure to visit it, will find there many interesting things, will make lovely pictures. If you feel good when climbing to high altitudes, then the funicular to climb the mountain Mottarone, a height of one thousand four hundred ninety-one meters. Here you will see not only the lake but also a stunningly majestic slopes of the Alps. On the opposite end of the lake, is the Park of the Villa Taranto in Pallanza, there are almost twenty thousand species of plants – a Botanical encyclopedia! If you come during the summer months, some flowering hydrangea will see over three hundred varieties.