Melt the riches of the Issyk-Kul
  Before the trip to Kyrgyzstan Aidos to Koilubaev, a colleague at Northern fleet and a native of Bishkek, and nowadays the inhabitant of Moscow, admonished: "make Sure you go…

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Ergaki Ridge
  Ergaki – the mountain range located in the natural Park Ergaki in the South of Krasnoyarsk region. The Ergaki ridge this is a mountain range multi-directional spurs. The individual…

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Journey: Gatchina


To AK if home sell! — said my friend. She had to leave the apartment on the street Krupskaya, which is surrounded by greenery, Orlova grove.

Actually, in the beginning of Gatchina owned by Peter I, and Catherine the great — gave it to Grigory Orlov. It was under him that the Italian architect Antonio Rinaldi built a Great Palace, not at all typical of the architecture of that time: instead of monarchical pomp — a simply style of a medieval hunting castle. No wonder so far Gatchina — a favorite place of visitors to St. Petersburg tourists from the UK. By their own confessions in the book reviews, the landscape reminds them of the locks of the era of Richard the Lionheart.

Maybe that’s why so fond of their local residence of Paul I? Becoming a Grand master already saginawtexas by the time of the order of Malta, he built in another Gatchina Palace — Priory, granting it the status of residence of the once powerful prior of the Hospitallers. But as such, the building lasted only ten years, and today more famous for the fact that is the only rammed earth conduit structure — that is, built not of stones, and blocks molded and dried earth that does not prevent him to be beautiful and exquisite.

Suburban romance, the king’s Majesty and strict military spirit were intertwined here at the atmo­sphere, which is not found anywhere else. In Gatchina come to remember about childhood, a breath of Jasmine and wild flowers, dream in dark alleys, under the oaks and lime-trees, planted in the early NINETEENTH century, boating on the White and Silver lakes. Here some reason are very long lived people. Last year, four citizens noted the century.

The proud tour guides will gladly remind tourists that the train station Marienburg was named after the wife of Paul I, Maria Feodorovna, platform Tatianna — in honor of the king’s daughter Tatyana, and the former Aleksandrovskaya street, St Michael, Elizabeth, Constantine wore the names of the other members of the Royal family. Unfortunately, the renaming of Gatchina in Trotsk, and then in Krasnogvardeisk did not pass unnoticed. The historical name until returned to just outside the Cathedral that leads to the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Since then, how was this photo taken, Venus pavilion at White lake was burned by vandals

The inhabitants of Gatchina has its own sadness: beautiful lake overgrown with Tina, a huge Park requires a master’s hand, deteriorate and are destroyed by vandals unique buildings — pavilion “the Birch house”, built in the form of a stack, the Humpback bridge, the Venus pavilion, the Birch gate. Before the war the Gatchina Palace had a rich Museum collections, which at the time of German occupation migrated to other St. Petersburg museums, but so settled. The restoration of the Palace, in fact, stretches so far. Last year the city was visited by the Governor Matvienko, was horrified and solemn­tively promised that in the history of Gatchina begins a new era. Indeed, by the end of the year restored a few delicate iron bridges.

How to get

From St. Petersburg by car or minibus on the Kiev highway. From the Baltic station by train to the station of Gatchina or Gatchina Baltic-Warsaw.

New hotel Gakkel House is located right near the Park, overlooking the Palace. The cost of accommodation in a standard room — 3600 rubles. More modest versions: of “Academic” and “the court”.

Royal lunch served in the Palace restaurant “Caret”. Gourmet without pretensions in the city centre there are several nice restaurants. From the exotic — a restaurant of Soviet and anti-Soviet cuisine “Be prepared” menu “Lunch fist” salad “Marines” the snack “scrap metal Collection”.