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The Plosky Tolbachik volcano formed a unique lake of lava


Kamchatka now rushed more than usual scientists and tourists. A rare sight and the object of study gave them the volcano Flat Tolbachik. It formed a lake of lava.

Kamchatka now rushed more than usual scientists and tourists. A rare sight and the object of study gave them the volcano Flat Tolbachik. It formed a lake of lava.

The helicopter almost hangs over the mouth of a volcano that scientists have been able to assess how active the eruption Flat Tolbachik. This dangerous maneuver when the machine is flying in the thick hot air currents only by the most experienced pilots of Kamchatka.

“There are certain rules of flight over the eruption and lava flow above. Keep a safe height. The helicopter lost control,” says helicopter pilot Vladimir Kovalevsky.

Base camp, scientists break a short distance from the fire edge. This new crater in the side slope of Tolbachik was formed during the current eruption. In the subsoil thereof – the lake of boiling lava. For volcanologists is a whole lot of work. It is necessary to study the chemical composition of the magma and to take the analysis of samples of volcanic rocks. First of all, interested in the mineral tolbachic.

“It Tolbachik on the first time and opened. And another place in the world somewhere. It really is remarkable. Although in any school there is such himreaktiv – chloride of copper, but in nature it occurs very rarely,” said senior researcher of the Institute of experimental Mineralogy Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Zelensky.

Mikhail Zelensky, a scientist from Moscow – came on for Tolbachik volcanic gas samples. The sample chooses to study in his laboratory. But pieces of lava will take away the memory of Kamchatka hot earth.

Together with scientists at the volcano and fly tourists from all over the country, despite the fact that it is not only expensive, but also quite dangerous. Plosky Tolbachik has become almost more popular Italian Etna. Because only here you can see the boiling magma literally a few dozen meters from the edge of the crater and shoot the night eruption for home archive.

While volcanologists can’t give accurate predictions, when will this eruption of Tolbachik. The giant then calms down briefly, then with new force manifests its activity by attracting new fans of extreme rest.

“I want to see what others can’t see. And even sometimes to take a chance,” said Nina Laserena.

Lava rivers are flowing at a depth of several tens of meters. And when the volcano will subside and finally cools down, it will be a whole system of tunnels and caves that are sure to attract the attention of cavers from all over the world.

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