Natural gem of Volyn region – lake Svityaz
  Volyn is famous for its extraordinary nature. There are more than 180 nature reserves, including 5 reserves. This is a magical land of dense forests and untamed animals. It…

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Phenomenal body of water. The five-storey - lake
  Amazing lake Grave is on the island of Kildin in the Barents sea , one mile from the Kola Peninsula. It is located on the territory of the rural…

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Fishing on lake Baikal


When it comes to lake Baikal, the scientists unwittingly transferred into language of the highest degrees: the deepest lake in the world (1642 m), the world’s largest supply of free fresh water (23 600 cubic kilometers), 5 times exceeds the volume of the five Great American lakes combined. Moreover, the purity and the content of dissolved salts, this water is approaching distilled. Visibility in the Baikal can reach depths of 40-45 meters – as in clear tropical seas. The area, however, the lake occupies only 6th place in the world, but it can be compared with the territory of Belgium or the Netherlands. And when you consider the unique flora and fauna, rich history and picturesque landscapes, it becomes clear that the area needs to attract tourists, including divers and fishermen.

It was developed in the fishing and shipbuilding, but in the 1990s, companies were closed. But for one and a half decades, tourism has undergone all the stages of development and reached the level of modern industry. On the way to the lake you can find many fishing shops – if you forgot to take the bait or fishing line fluorocarbon, without which there will be not enough. Here you can find and pick the perfect one for yourself.

At the beginning of the first summer month on the surface of lake Baikal you can still see the ice.

If Red,Black or any other sea dawsona to have a long commute by car or by boat, on lake Baikal interesting dive sites are just within the locality. Until they can walk down the street on one side of which are houses, and on the other extends the vast lake Baikal.

Sunbeams flashed on the shingle that covers the bottom. Some of the rocky debris hanging green beard algae. First, the bottom smoothly goes down to 5-6 meters, and then drops sharply into the deep blue of the giant stairs. Coastal shallow water is in lake Baikal a small percentage of the area. With a maximum depth of 1642 meters the average depth is 744 meters! Little in the world there are lakes with such absolute depth!