Phenomenal body of water. The five-storey - lake
  Amazing lake Grave is on the island of Kildin in the Barents sea , one mile from the Kola Peninsula. It is located on the territory of the rural…

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The Famous lake Vostok in Antarctica has disappointed scientists
  In the mysterious subglacial water in Antarctica have not yet found life. The famous lake Vostok in Antarctica, alas, disappointed scientists. As reported Sergey Bulat, a researcher of St.…

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What to see in Switzerland



Switzerland is a country with a rich historical past. Wherever you were, be sure there are something from ancient times. First and foremost is, of course, castles. They stand proudly for many centuries, directing their spires into the blue Swiss sky. Don’t miss the opportunity to touch the great past, having been in one or more locks, each of which is completely unique in its own way interesting, original and unique. As actually everything in this magical country!


In addition to castles in Switzerland preserved palaces in which the efforts of their owners collected old household items and furnishings, as well as rare paintings and sculptures.


Switzerland is covered by a dense network of deep rivers (Rhine, Rhone, Inn – a tributary of the Danube; the Ticino is a tributary of the po), most of which originates in glaciers. The exceptional wealth of Switzerland is a large deep lakes, of which there are about a thousand. They have an elongated shape (their depression treated by glaciers), and rocky mountain slopes drop directly into the water. Because of the large depth and water transparency of the lake seem bottomless blue. An amazing variety of landscape and large differences in altitude make the journey through Switzerland is interesting at any time of the year. In this country there are Arctic and the tropics: on the slopes of mosses and lichens, as well as palm trees and Mimosas; in deciduous forests interspersed with conifers, beeches and chestnut trees – firs, pines and larches. In the spring, at the time of flowering, especially in Eastern Switzerland and the Swiss plateau; in the summer, everywhere you will take numerous clear lakes; in autumn you can go to the South; and the winter will meet you in the entire Alpine part of Switzerland a brilliant snow and provide excellent opportunities for sports.


In Switzerland there are not only castles and beautiful, unique nature. If You are coming to Switzerland with children, in this hospitable country You can easily find amusement parks, theme parks and other places where it will be interesting and fun not only to You but to Your children.


And finally to those whose thirst for knowledge from nature and entertainment was satisfied with the nature, castles and theme parks, we offer you to plunge into the world of the story. In Switzerland, as You already know, very well developed rail network, and therefore the transport Museum certainly is the place to be. Of course, it was not without the clock Museum, because it is one of the main factors of its popularity around the world. You will also find the Museum under the open sky, and the most unusual Museum in the world – Museum of Frogs.

Summer 2011 in the lake Geneva region

Detailed information on the events and interesting events in the lake Geneva region, is here .