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Tours and routes in the Chelyabinsk region.


Chelyabinsk region is the southern part of the Urals. The notional boundary between Europe and Asia is carried out mainly along the watershed ridges of the Ural mountains. In the Chelyabinsk area of reserves and national parks occupy about 200 thousand hectares.

Chelyabinsk region is amazing, beautiful nature. The crowning glory of the region – the ancient spurs of the Ural mountains. The unique nature reserve of Federal significance “Zyuratkul”, located at an altitude of 740 meters above sea level; the country’s only Ilmensky mineralogical reserve; beautiful lake Argazi, Uvildy, Turgoyak, Chebarkul, and more than three thousand bodies of water, mountain caves – all this natural wealth of the Chelyabinsk region.

Southern Ural – the land of lakes. On the territory of Chelyabinsk region there are about 3170, the total area is 2125 sq km Blue necklace Ural mountains – a chain of lakes that adorn the Eastern foothills of the Ural mountains from Chebarkul to the Northern border region. Here every lake is like a crystal faceted evergreen pines and silver birches.

A journey in the Chelyabinsk region will be available even for very experienced hikers. Despite the fact that at school all remember the Chelyabinsk region – metallurgical region. Just many local attractions and crafts with metal and connected – not the usual monasteries, museums of ancient art and dolls, and metallurgical plants, whose age has passed for two hundred years, iron casting and lightsabers.

And the Urals is a wonderful world of gems, where Bazhov tales come to life. It is clear that the South Urals for the residents of most regions of Russia – not the middle light, but the trip is worth it.

In the Chelyabinsk region with so many unique attractions, that is not enough for one program. One of the most interesting is considered the journey in mining and factory area. Here you can see how founded three hundred years ago the factories, to buy damask dagger, find grenades, to pan for the gold sand, to descend into the cave, rafting on a mountain river and go spear-fishing.