The Most beautiful lakes in the world.
  What are they, blue eyes of the planet? Deep, luxurious, bubbling, or maybe a quiet, romantic and magical? Now, nobody knows exactly how many lakes on Earth, however, hydrologists…

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Hope for all those who fell into the lake of fire
  In hell God's love manifests itself as fire, as light in heaven. The second death is the separation of the soul and God, then in the lake of fire…

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Interesting places on the planet


Bar 89 / new York, USA

Unusual transparent bathroom stalls at Bar 89 are among the most erotic in new York. When a visitor enters the booth and pulls the lever, the door changes its color from clear to smoky purple and displays the letter “Busy”.

R-bar / Brighton, UK

Sexiest English the urinals, located in the R-bar, look like giant woman’s lips, painted bright red lipstick. Similar once ordered the company Virgin Atlantic is the urinal under the name of “Kisses” created by the Dutch Bureau “Bathroom Mania!”, but because of numerous complaints of visitors, they were left out.

Three Sisters / Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the toilet of the Dutch pub “Three sisters” reigns the sinister atmosphere of the middle Ages. Because the restaurant building is very old, and some of the details the creators decided to stylize the bygone days – for example, men’s toilet room. Visitors admit that their sometimes here really won’t do.

Sketch / London, UK

Futuristic toilet area of the London restaurant Sketch looks like a setting for a space telesave. Eight white eggs – this is not art objects, and individual toilet cubicles: four are for men, others for women. The center of the zone is a huge hand-Chan. By the way, the idea came to mind of a famous French chef and restaurateur Pierre Gagnaire, seeking innovative solutions for our stylish and wealthy guests.

Vanity / Las Vegas, NV, USA

One of the best Lounges in the United States is located in Las Vegas, and recalls the Royal boudoir. Gold, velvet, glitter and sensual luxury in every detail – a real estate exquisite courtesans. By the way, here’s even possible to call the waitress with cocktails, if you want to chat with a friend in a secluded corner.

Escape Bar / Colchester, UK

Another original English idea – the video screens above the urinals posted in the bar Escape. There does not broadcast news or entertainment shows, and special video – the girls (and even boys) with an appraising look and comments about what he saw. Video appears at random and choose a character impossible.

Magic Restroom Cafe / California, USA

What a bonus for real fans last year in California opened a themed restaurant, The Magic Restroom Cafe with chairs-toilets, appropriate interior and even utensils in the toilet bowl. The owner YOYO Li was so impressed with the success of “toilet” restaurant chains in China and Taiwan that they decided to repeat it already in America.