The Plosky Tolbachik volcano formed a unique lake of lava
  Kamchatka now rushed more than usual scientists and tourists. A rare sight and the object of study gave them the volcano Flat Tolbachik. It formed a lake of lava.…

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Great Chusovoy, lake
  Located North of Upper Ufaley, 6 km from the village Cheremshanka. The distance from Chelyabinsk – 160 km from Ekaterinburg – 120 km, Upper Ufaley – 13 km. Lake…

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Kolochava and lake Synevyr (internal Gorgany)


Kolochava and lake Synevyr (internal Gorgany)

During the campaign in Kolochava and lake Synevyr you:

Will be near the famous and pristine lakes of Ukraine – Synevyr

Visit the many monuments and museums in the unique Kolochava village

Climb some great peaks of the Carpathians

Stroll through the picturesque ridge of Percona

Visit the picturesque Carpathian village

And will learn the history and traditions of the local gateley

Enjoy the amazing nature of the Carpathians

Relax from the daily bustle

Khust – oz. Synevyr – the city of lake – S. Bukovynka – S. Bukovynka – XP. Percona grope – G. Negrovets – G. periwinkle – in Arvika – Kolochava – Hust.

Duration – 5 days.

Mileage – 66 miles

Difficulty – medium

Place of origin: Khust (12:00)

Arrival: Khust (16:00)

The route is very unusual and combines both tourism and aesthetic and cultural and educational programs. It gives us a chance to see it in all its glory amazing lake Synevyr and at the same time to visit different museums Kolochava. In addition, we expect peaks internal Gorgan and magnificent national Park Synevyr! If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians and to gain new experiences, then our route is to your liking.

Khust-Synevyr Lake-mountain lake (1496 m) – the Village of Bukovynka

The meeting place of this hike – the train station of the city of Khust. To arrive at Hust is required before ten in the morning. At 10.55 by bus we go to the village Synevyr. Exactly there will begin the walking part of the tour.

One of the key days of the trip. Today we will see the purest lake in Ukraine – Synevyr. The lake is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level, its average depth is about 10 m and an area of 5 ha. the Water in the Sinevir crystal clear, and even in his deepest places – about 22 m seen the bottom. The lake is full and free floats trout. To catch it we will not, but to try to examine and photograph the fish is not prohibited. About this place composed a lot of legends and stories. According to one of them, in the valley lived a beautiful girl named Blue with sky-blue eyes. Once she went to gather flowers in the meadow and saw a beautiful young man named VIR. They loved each other at first sight. But the girl’s father was against their relationship and ordered his servants secretly to kill the young man. The daughter of count Blue so inconsolable and wept about the stone, which dropped into the abyss of her beloved, that laugh is a huge lake. In every legend has some truth. See if the water in the lake is really a bit of salty flavour? After an active day, for which we will go 9.5 km, become the camp and rest.

The village of Bukovynka – the range of Percona

In the village of Bukovynka is something to see. First, we see the line of Arpad, second, the Museum of timber rafting.

Arpad line – this six kilometre long defence line, which was built by Hungarians for protecting from the red Army in 1943-1944. The Museum of timber rafting collected many unusual exhibits that will explain to us the sequence and the history of harvesting the trees in the Carpathians. We will also see the ancient dam that has been preserved since the nineteenth century. Then we leave the Bukovynka and go to the ridge Pyshkonya. There will be camping around the scenic lake. Today protopam 14 km.

Grapa mountain (1667 m) – Negrovets mountain (1707 m) – the mountain periwinkle (1461 m)

Early rise, Breakfast and collection camps. We’ll go up to the ridge of Percona. From there, perfectly visible from the national Park Synevyr. Enjoy the scenery of the Carpathians. Slowly but surely ascend to the top of grape, periwinkle and Negroes. In the saddle between the mountains and Negrovets Hump will see Alpine lake, formed by the melting glacier. A little more we pass along the ridge and descend to the camping place. Tonight 14 km.

Tour Kolochava

Kolochava – unusual Carpathian village. There are many sightseeing objects. Most of them we can visit and certainly will observe the most interesting. Later in the afternoon we will deploy camp on the banks of the river Tereblya, near a mineral spring, where will spend the night. Will nausem per day of 10 km.

Extreme day Hiking. We will have Breakfast, drink mineral water, turn the camp and go to the town center where you will say goodbye until the next trip (if there is time before the train excursion to the ruins of castle Hust).