The most beautiful lakes of our region

The Lake Saimaa
  The largest lake (or a lake system Saimaa) is located in South-Eastern Finland between the cities of Joensuu and Lappeenranta. It is a network of many interconnected ponds with…

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Families with children in Abkhazia, summer. Hotels for kids pictures
  To spend your summer holiday in Abkhazia will be the right decision for those who appreciates high quality at a reasonable price. Here mild Maritime climate, mountainous terrain, friendly…

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Journey: Gatchina


To AK if home sell! — said my friend. She had to leave the apartment on the street Krupskaya, which is surrounded by greenery, Orlova grove.

Actually, in the beginning of Gatchina owned by Peter I, and Catherine the great — gave it to Grigory Orlov. It was under him that the Italian architect Antonio Rinaldi built a Great Palace, not at all typical of the architecture of that time: instead of monarchical pomp — a simply style of a medieval hunting castle. No wonder so far Gatchina — a favorite place of visitors to St. Petersburg tourists from the UK. By their own confessions in the book reviews, the landscape reminds them of the locks of the era of Richard the Lionheart.

Maybe that’s why so fond of their local residence of Paul I? Becoming a Grand master already saginawtexas by the time of the order of Malta, he built in another Gatchina Palace — Priory, granting it the status of residence of the once powerful prior of the Hospitallers. But as such, the building lasted only ten years, and today more famous for the fact that is the only rammed earth conduit structure — that is, built not of stones, and blocks molded and dried earth that does not prevent him to be beautiful and exquisite.

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The Plosky Tolbachik volcano formed a unique lake of lava


Kamchatka now rushed more than usual scientists and tourists. A rare sight and the object of study gave them the volcano Flat Tolbachik. It formed a lake of lava.

Kamchatka now rushed more than usual scientists and tourists. A rare sight and the object of study gave them the volcano Flat Tolbachik. It formed a lake of lava.

The helicopter almost hangs over the mouth of a volcano that scientists have been able to assess how active the eruption Flat Tolbachik. This dangerous maneuver when the machine is flying in the thick hot air currents only by the most experienced pilots of Kamchatka.

“There are certain rules of flight over the eruption and lava flow above. Keep a safe height. The helicopter lost control,” says helicopter pilot Vladimir Kovalevsky.

Base camp, scientists break a short distance from the fire edge. This new crater in the side slope of Tolbachik was formed during the current eruption. In the subsoil thereof – the lake of boiling lava. For volcanologists is a whole lot of work. It is necessary to study the chemical composition of the magma and to take the analysis of samples of volcanic rocks. First of all, interested in the mineral tolbachic.

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Fishing on lake Baikal


When it comes to lake Baikal, the scientists unwittingly transferred into language of the highest degrees: the deepest lake in the world (1642 m), the world’s largest supply of free fresh water (23 600 cubic kilometers), 5 times exceeds the volume of the five Great American lakes combined. Moreover, the purity and the content of dissolved salts, this water is approaching distilled. Visibility in the Baikal can reach depths of 40-45 meters – as in clear tropical seas. The area, however, the lake occupies only 6th place in the world, but it can be compared with the territory of Belgium or the Netherlands. And when you consider the unique flora and fauna, rich history and picturesque landscapes, it becomes clear that the area needs to attract tourists, including divers and fishermen.

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What to see in Switzerland



Switzerland is a country with a rich historical past. Wherever you were, be sure there are something from ancient times. First and foremost is, of course, castles. They stand proudly for many centuries, directing their spires into the blue Swiss sky. Don’t miss the opportunity to touch the great past, having been in one or more locks, each of which is completely unique in its own way interesting, original and unique. As actually everything in this magical country!


In addition to castles in Switzerland preserved palaces in which the efforts of their owners collected old household items and furnishings, as well as rare paintings and sculptures.


Switzerland is covered by a dense network of deep rivers (Rhine, Rhone, Inn – a tributary of the Danube; the Ticino is a tributary of the po), most of which originates in glaciers. The exceptional wealth of Switzerland is a large deep lakes, of which there are about a thousand. They have an elongated shape (their depression treated by glaciers), and rocky mountain slopes drop directly into the water. Because of the large depth and water transparency of the lake seem bottomless blue. An amazing variety of landscape and large Continue reading

The Famous lake Vostok in Antarctica has disappointed scientists


In the mysterious subglacial water in Antarctica have not yet found life. The famous lake Vostok in Antarctica, alas, disappointed scientists. As reported Sergey Bulat, a researcher of St. Petersburg Institute of nuclear physics and head of the research group extracted from samples of lake ice, they could not find traces of life.

Preliminary test results reported on 18 October, the journal Nature citing Bulat. According to him, the upper layers of the lake, apparently, «lifeless». The scientist added that it is «very preliminary results», in addition, there is a hope to detect microorganisms in the deeper layers.

Bulat was very careful in the estimates, mainly because he and his colleagues studied ice, frozen on drilling equipment. It is, figuratively speaking, only «plunged» in the mysterious lake. Full samples of water from the East so far failed to obtain.

«Were found four types of bacteria that belong to contaminants (contaminant microorganisms). The same bacteria were found in the drilling fluid and lake water with borax was washed this dirty drilling fluid, two species of bacteria of the samples were found on the man. That is nothing interesting.

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Lake Toba
Toba — largest volcanic lake, beautifully situated in the crater of an ancient volcano. One day, a hundred thousand years ago, this volcano exploded — so much so that hundreds…

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The cleanest lakes Russia - crystal-seven
  Among the splendor of Russian nature, it is impossible not to pay attention to the vast freshwater lakes. We present to your attention 7 the cleanest lakes of the…