The most beautiful lakes of our region

Lake Kinneret (Israel). Attractions the sea of Galilee.
  Israel is a land full of amazing legends, events, history and amazing nature. The sea of Galilee is a unique lake for planet Earth by its geographic location and…

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Ergaki Ridge
  Ergaki – the mountain range located in the natural Park Ergaki in the South of Krasnoyarsk region. The Ergaki ridge this is a mountain range multi-directional spurs. The individual…

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Briefly about Israel: a few interesting facts


The rules of entry into the country. For travel to Israel for citizens of Ukraine, Georgia and Russia visa-free regime. Allowed to visit Israel for no more than 90 days in half a year. The visit to the Embassy to obtain a visa prior to travel is required. During a visit to Israel the decision on the entry into the country was adopted by the border guard services. With CIS countries with a visa regime, our company assists in obtaining visas. Cases, the refusal was not because the purpose of the trip is medical care. All visitors should have a return ticket and invitation from our company.

5 facts about the country:

Israel is a unique state having on its territory the hot deserts, plantations with delicious fruits, colorful lakes. At the same time, Israel is washed by three seas: the Dead, Red and Mediterranean.

Israel holds 1 place in the number of scientific papers per capita (109 per 10,000 people). With limited natural resources, for a half century the state has become the strongest world economy. Israel ranked first among Middle Continue reading

Multi-Colored lake Kelimutu and ende town


Arriving in ende, we hired at the airport the jeep and moved to the village of Moni, which cost us 320,000 rupees (40 $). At the Western forums write that they paid half a million, so we left not expensive, especially for such a decent transport. I think there will be cheaper if you negotiate with the hotel in which you are going to stay, for a meeting, so we were taken back for just 200000. The journey takes an hour and a half.

In Moni all going to see one of the wonders of light – colored volcanic lakes of Kelimutu.

Usually the ascent to the lakes starts in the morning the next day. The first attempt to overcome the volcano was taken at 4 am, I wanted to meet dawn at the lakes, but it was raining, and I decided it was better to wait. Three foreigners, however, went on mopeds there and soon returned wet to the skin, having covered half of the road. For me still it remains a mystery why they didn’t hire the minibus, it would have been cheaper than three separate scooters with drivers, and more comfortable. In the end, they were able to join us, we had a minivan and, as a consequence, a lot of free space. I have the feeling that these foreigners are very bad at math, they like to save, but do not know how. An illustrative example, Continue reading

The Lake Paravani is the largest lake of Georgia


Paravani is the largest lake in Georgia. It is situated in the historic region of Samtskhe-Javakheti between Gavajski and Samara mountain ranges in the South of Georgia.

The height of the lake above sea level is more than 2 thousand meters. The area is 38 km2. The maximum depth of the lake is small – 3.3 meters. The amount of water in the lake is 91 million m3.

The climate in this harsh terrain. From mid-autumn to mid-spring frosts are here. In winter the lake is covered in ice, the thickness of which is typically 60-70 cm.

About the lake Paravani

The lake is surrounded by incredibly beautiful Alpine meadows – the real pride of this region. Here are most beautiful in spring when all the plants bloom. Blue, red, and yellow paints they shimmer in the sunlight.

Soft green grass leads to walk on it barefooted, and the white fluffy clouds take the most unusual forms. There is an atmosphere of peace and harmony, you want to stay in this beautiful place for as long as possible.

Recently it was decided to make the lake and surrounding areas area of environmental tourism. Lakeside plans to plant about 5 thousand pine trees (the only tree able to withstand severe climate). So, soon the area around the lake will be decorated with wonderful pine forest.

Mystery of the lake

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Natural gem of Volyn region – lake Svityaz


Volyn is famous for its extraordinary nature. There are more than 180 nature reserves, including 5 reserves. This is a magical land of dense forests and untamed animals. It is home to spotted deer and wild boar, moose and bison, foxes, weasels. Nesting swans, storks, types of cranes, which are listed in the Red book. Among more than 800 names of flora, 29 – on the verge of extinction and are protected in national parks.

Beautiful blue-eyed Volyn consists of 224 lakes and 130 rivers, which is recognized as the purest in Europe. In the field of the most famous lakes are located in Shatsky national nature reserve: Svityaz, Sand, Pulemetske, Krymne, Ostrovenskoe, Peremout.

In Volhynia honored folk traditions and rituals. The region has enriched the world Treasury of historical sights of the famous ancient castles, fortresses, palaces, monasteries and temples. Among them the most famous are the castles of the princes Radzivill family and the Duke of Westminster. Mystical Klevan and Ostrog castle, the romantic ruins of the castle Rubcovskaja.

Not by chance earth, which is riddled with echoes of the glorious historical events of the ancient fights for freedom Continue reading

Lakes of Italy – a luxury holiday on the coast


Not all know that the holidays on the lakes of Italy, considered more prestigious holiday on the coast, this type of recreation is more preferred. Italian lakes: Como, Maggiore, Garda – places with stunning nature and lots of attractions. Let’s start with the biggest lake in Italy, covering an area of three hundred seventy square kilometers of lake Garda. This place from times immemorial attracted not only travelers but also artists, inspiring them to works of genius. Since ancient times the rich Roman aristocrats built their summer residences here, some of which still stand, such as Villa of the poet named Gaius Valerius Catullus, located in Sirmione. If you consider yourself to be lovers of ancient ruins, be sure to see this building. In his Three centuries are exhibited things that archaeologists find during excavations. The lake is famous for its castle of the dynasty of the famous Verona family Scaliger, though the building is somewhat gloomy, but perfectly preserved, by the way, its medieval walls, it resembles our Moscow Kremlin, particularly the teeth in the form of a dovetail. Not only lovers of history like a holiday on lake Garda, this resort in Italy is a popular place of family rest and rest with children. Children and teenagers will enjoy the entertainment complex Gardaland located in Castelnuovo del Garda, it is just huge, Continue reading

Famous lake on the planet
  The great lakes of North America - Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario - with their connecting channels form the largest freshwater system on Earth. Their total area exceeds…

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Real Estate in Switzerland, rent and sell property in Switzerland
  In terms of acquisition of real estate Switzerland remains a very popular destination. Typical for Switzerland is not only the most effective in the world the social security system,…