The Lake of tears and the lake of death. Indonesia
  Indonesia – a country that attracts tourists for its beautiful scenery, exotic culture and favorable conditions for recreation. Everyone finds here something interesting, but sometimes, to see a natural…

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The cleanest lakes Russia - crystal-seven
  Among the splendor of Russian nature, it is impossible not to pay attention to the vast freshwater lakes. We present to your attention 7 the cleanest lakes of the…

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The largest lake in the world


All the continents of our Earth can be found lakes, both large and small, both artificial and natural. According to preliminary calculations, their number is about 5 thousand pieces. And now we will talk about the largest lake in the world and its features.

The largest lake in the world and its paradox

No matter how surprising and ironic as it may sound, but the largest lake in the world is the sea. Indeed, the Caspian sea, which is so named because of its enormous size (its area is over 370 thousand square kilometers), has no outlet to the ocean and not freshwater, and therefore are actually recognized by the lake.

By the way, the biggest lake boasts big depth: the maximum level reaches 1025 meters. Thus, it is smaller than lake Baikal is more than 600 meters. It is conditionally possible to say that this sea found 2 parts of the world: Asia and Europe . Its shores are washed by 5 countries.

The largest freshwater lakes in the world

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Lakes of Italy – a luxury holiday on the coast


Not all know that the holidays on the lakes of Italy, considered more prestigious holiday on the coast, this type of recreation is more preferred. Italian lakes: Como, Maggiore, Garda – places with stunning nature and lots of attractions. Let’s start with the biggest lake in Italy, covering an area of three hundred seventy square kilometers of lake Garda. This place from times immemorial attracted not only travelers but also artists, inspiring them to works of genius. Since ancient times the rich Roman aristocrats built their summer residences here, some of which still stand, such as Villa of the poet named Gaius Valerius Catullus, located in Sirmione. If you consider yourself to be lovers of ancient ruins, be sure to see this building. In his Three centuries are exhibited things that archaeologists find during excavations. The lake is famous for its castle of the dynasty of the famous Verona family Scaliger, though the building is somewhat gloomy, but perfectly preserved, by the way, its medieval walls, it resembles our Moscow Kremlin, particularly the teeth in the form of a dovetail. Not only lovers of history like a holiday on lake Garda, this resort in Italy is a popular place of family rest and rest with children. Children and teenagers will enjoy the entertainment complex Gardaland located in Castelnuovo del Garda, it is just huge, Continue reading