Rest in Russia
  Our country is one of the best places for tourism, because only here you can find deserts, semi-deserts, steppes, taiga, steppe, tundra and even volcanoes. This variety boasts only…

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The Category of Natural phenomena. Hydrosphere. The lake of icebergs. Sarez lake
  Iceberg lake is located in Central Tien Shan, near the summit of Khan Tengri at a height of over 3,300 meters. It's pretty big: length about four and a…

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Melt the riches of the Issyk-Kul


Before the trip to Kyrgyzstan Aidos to Koilubaev, a colleague at Northern fleet and a native of Bishkek, and nowadays the inhabitant of Moscow, admonished: “make Sure you go to Issyk-Kul”. According to him, to be in Kyrgyzstan and not to see this beautiful lake is not to visit red square arrived in Moscow. And the Aidos strongly recommended to enjoy Marinka, chebachok and other fish of Issyk-Kul.

At the entrance to Balykchi town and on the road around the lake catch the eye billboards “take care of the Issyk-Kul lake — the beauty of the earth”. The Kirghiz themselves call it the “jewel” of their country. Testify in person: have something. As the lake itself and surrounding landscapes are very beautiful. And the water in Issyk-Kul in its purity is second only to lake Baikal. Its color varies from light azure to dark blue. Along the perimeter at different distances along the coast are snow-covered ridges, which gives additional charm. The nature scenery very much varies depending on specific location. If the East is the steppe on dark chestnut soils, on mountain slopes of the West is semi — desert, but in the East, at similar altitudes, especially along the gorges of Terskey Continue reading

Ergaki Ridge


Ergaki – the mountain range located in the natural Park Ergaki in the South of Krasnoyarsk region. The Ergaki ridge this is a mountain range multi-directional spurs. The individual peaks have a very bizarre shape and the sonorous names of the Star (the main peak Ergakov), Bird, Sail, Dragon Tooth, Parabola, Mirror, Youth, etc.

The uniqueness and the special charm of the Ergaki give beautiful lakes, mostly of glacial origin. The largest of the local lakes – Bright, Large and a Large Babinskoe Bezrybe.

No glaciers are compensated with breathtaking mountain views. Dense cedar taiga is adjacent to the spectacular rocky cliffs and roaring waterfalls, and the water in the lakes so transparent that it seems his hand will touch the bottom. But the depth is decent.

The Ergaki ridge has a nice feature – a surprising asymmetry.

To impregnable-looking rock on the reverse side is quite available path. And pass, where you can relax out on the grass for 20 minutes, suddenly dropped a stone down a harsh slope with traces of rock falls.

Card of mountain range Ergaki is undoubtedly the Parabola pass (1750 m), similar to the corresponding curve. From the saddle of the pass you can easily climb the North Continue reading