Volcanic lake Indonesia
  Special attention in Indonesia, the tourists are paying to shopping . after all, it's a pleasure! Most shops in tourist areas stay open late. Indonesian sellers love to haggle,…

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What to see in Croatia
  Going to Croatia, every tourist asks the most General, but at the same time extremely important issue – what to see in Croatia? And to see in this country…

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Turquoise lake yamdrok TSO


The beautiful lake yamdrok TSO is one of the four Holy lakes of Tibet together with the “heavenly” lake, Us TSO, a lake of oracles Lhamo La TSO, on the banks of which the monks are visions about the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama, and lake Manasarovar in the Kailasa. Tibetans do Kora, a ritual circumambulation around the lake clockwise, with a gain in the tank water, which is considered curative.

On the hill you can see passed the veil of cloud tea house – most of the tour groups stop there and takes the same shots from the same angles. Even compared to my previous trip in 2012 which I do not remember, now not often met. Used only in base camp of Everest was equipped with a specific platform, but there the reasons are obvious.

Eyes open landscape of the CAMBA La pass (4794 m) is breathtaking. Blue-green waters of the yamdrok TSO Shine in the sun, in the distance are mountain peaks

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Lake Toba

Toba — largest volcanic lake, beautifully situated in the crater of an ancient volcano. One day, a hundred thousand years ago, this volcano exploded — so much so that hundreds of thousands of tons of ash rose into the air and for many years covered the entire planet from sunlight. Has come the real ” nuclear winter”, the famous Ice age. As a result of the disaster, it was the extraordinary beauty of the lake with the warm and clean water. It rests at an altitude of 900 meters and reaches 450 m in depth. From all sides the lake is surrounded by hills covered with pine, and his centre occupied the island of Samosir ( the size of Singapore).

The path to the lake legit through the capital of North Sumatra city of Medan. Further 4 hours by bus. The first stop is at the observation platform of the North-Western tip of the lake. Here the steep cliff of the valley Tonging spurting 120 meter waterfall with a clear title Episopes. Visitors can descend into the gorge right to the bottom. The views from the observation deck on the lake and the waterfall is so expressive that attract, like a magnet.

The main resort of the lake is the village of Prapat, the road to which winds serpentine along the coast. The nature here is so beautiful that I want to shout ” Banzai!”, Continue reading