Lake Toba
Toba — largest volcanic lake, beautifully situated in the crater of an ancient volcano. One day, a hundred thousand years ago, this volcano exploded — so much so that hundreds…

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The Lake Saimaa
  The largest lake (or a lake system Saimaa) is located in South-Eastern Finland between the cities of Joensuu and Lappeenranta. It is a network of many interconnected ponds with…

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Briefly about Israel: a few interesting facts


The rules of entry into the country. For travel to Israel for citizens of Ukraine, Georgia and Russia visa-free regime. Allowed to visit Israel for no more than 90 days in half a year. The visit to the Embassy to obtain a visa prior to travel is required. During a visit to Israel the decision on the entry into the country was adopted by the border guard services. With CIS countries with a visa regime, our company assists in obtaining visas. Cases, the refusal was not because the purpose of the trip is medical care. All visitors should have a return ticket and invitation from our company.

5 facts about the country:

Israel is a unique state having on its territory the hot deserts, plantations with delicious fruits, colorful lakes. At the same time, Israel is washed by three seas: the Dead, Red and Mediterranean.

Israel holds 1 place in the number of scientific papers per capita (109 per 10,000 people). With limited natural resources, for a half century the state has become the strongest world economy. Israel ranked first among Middle Continue reading

Multi-Colored lake Kelimutu and ende town


Arriving in ende, we hired at the airport the jeep and moved to the village of Moni, which cost us 320,000 rupees (40 $). At the Western forums write that they paid half a million, so we left not expensive, especially for such a decent transport. I think there will be cheaper if you negotiate with the hotel in which you are going to stay, for a meeting, so we were taken back for just 200000. The journey takes an hour and a half.

In Moni all going to see one of the wonders of light – colored volcanic lakes of Kelimutu.

Usually the ascent to the lakes starts in the morning the next day. The first attempt to overcome the volcano was taken at 4 am, I wanted to meet dawn at the lakes, but it was raining, and I decided it was better to wait. Three foreigners, however, went on mopeds there and soon returned wet to the skin, having covered half of the road. For me still it remains a mystery why they didn’t hire the minibus, it would have been cheaper than three separate scooters with drivers, and more comfortable. In the end, they were able to join us, we had a minivan and, as a consequence, a lot of free space. I have the feeling that these foreigners are very bad at math, they like to save, but do not know how. An illustrative example, Continue reading